Top Beaches in Boracay

Boracay Beaches: And overview of the best beaches in Boracay Philippines. Boracay boasts some of the Best Beaches in the world. Choose one of the  postcard perfect Boracay beaches to suit your travel style on the newly reopened Boracay island.

Boracay is a beautiful island with a lot of great beaches all around, but most people usually only know about its White Beach. It’s not surprising since White Beach Boracay is where most of tourism-related activities and facilities are concentrated. That’s why in this article we will discuss the top beaches in Boracay that are worth visiting during your holiday on this beautiful island.

Boracay Beaches: White Beach

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White Beach Boracay is the biggest and most popular one on the island. Besides its beauty, the main attractiveness of this beach is because it has pretty much everything you need as a visitor. There are many great resorts, restaurants, nightlife venues, and tons of exciting activities that you can do. However, as it’s getting more popular, this beach is also getting more and more crowded, especially around sunset.

This 4 kilometers beach is divided into 3 sections; Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. Every Station has different things to offer, but they all have lots of tourist facilities.

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Boracay Beaches: Puka Beach

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Puka Beach Boracay

Located only about 20 minutes bike ride from the center of the island, Puka Beach is a beautiful place that provides tranquility. Even though it’s the second most popular beach in Boracay, it’s a relatively quiet place when compared to other Boracay beaches. If you go to this beach early in the morning, sometimes you will have this place for yourself. There are some huts that you can use to relax, and at dusk you will see giant bats coming out of the cliffs.


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Boracay Beaches: Bulabog Beach

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Bulabog Beach Boracay

This beach is famous for its kite and windsurfing activities. Bulabog Beach is most popular in November to April during the windy season. During that time of year you will see a lot of windsurfers and kitesurfers jumping across the water. Along the beach you can find a lot of beginner-friendly schools if you want to learn these watersports.


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Boracay Beaches: Diniwid Beach

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Diniwid Beach

Small but really nice, Diniwid Beach is just a short walk away from the Station 1 of White Beach area. The water is clean and calm, so it’s great for swimming. There are also floating wooden decks that you can use for tanning. Many visitors come to this beach just to hang out in the Spider House, a cozy loungey bar by the beach where you can enjoy the sunset while enjoying some nice drinks.


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Boracay Beaches: Ilig Iligan Beach

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Ilig Iligan Beach Boracay

If you’re up for an adventure, then Ilig Iligan Beach would be a great place to visit. When you have reached the furthest right side of the beach, if you swim along the cliff you will discover a hidden beach. The water is deep but it’s a very nice place to swim. From there, just by walking over some rocks in the water you will reach the second hidden beach, which is actually not completely hidden from the first one.

Boracay Beaches: Tambisaan Beach

This is an awesome place for snorkeling. Tambisaan Beach has the most marine life in Boracay, so it’s a perfect place to wear your snorkeling gears and jump into the water.

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