Things to do in Boracay: The Best Activities in Boracay

Boracay is Back! Here are the Best Things to do in Boracay for the Adventurous and Activities in Boracay for the Low Key Sun Seeker. Boracay Activities have changed slightly Since Re-opening, so Here is a List of Things to Do in Boracay…the New Boracay!and Improved 

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Things To Do in Boracay…The ‘NEW’ Boracay!

Boracay was once an isolated island in the Philippines that didn’t have anything much going on outside of  locals trying to make a living through fishing and farming. Then came the tourists looking for cheap drinks, all night bon fire parties and sleazy nightlife. For awhile, things were great, but as the reputation solidified, things like environmental concerns and safety standards spiralled out of control. A popular choice or not, the government decided to close the island in April 2018 for a massive overhaul and clean-up.

After a six month closure and a major rehabilitation initiative, what we’re left with is the Boracay sun seekers fell in love with decades ago. That lush tropical paradise with crystal clear waters and powdery soft white sandy beaches.

Gone are the all night parties, public drunkenness and massive bonfires, and in is a new, more sustainable approach with modern environmental concerns at the forefront. You’ll find e-vehicles to get around the island, no more single use plastics, smoking and alcohol regulations, among others, are just some of the new rules helping to reclaim this slice of paradise. Boracay is back and new and improved, it’s environmentally responsible, safer, and more family friendly. Now we can enjoy Boracay for what it’s best known for: the best tropical vacation spot in the world!

So, now that’s open for business once again, with new regulations, what is there to do in Boracay? More and more Boracay activities are being approved as businesses rise to meet the new standards. As of now, here are some things to do in Boracay for your holiday.

Activities in Boracay: Things to do in the New Boracay


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Thing to do in Boracay: Enjoy the Beautiful White Sand Beaches

Let’s start with the obvious. There are white sand beaches all over Philippines, and indeed in other parts of the world, but few compare to Boracay’s white sand beaches. Boracay has sand like powder! Some of Boracay’s beaches are private and specific to some resorts, but most of the beaches are accessible and free (once you’re on the island). 

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Boracay Activities: Great Water Sports

Boracay is an amazing destination for all kinds of watersports. From parasailing, Jet Skiing, to banana boat rides, kiteboarding and more.

Parasailing in Boracay

Let the wind carry you as you enjoy a scenic view of Boracay Island as you fly.  Price usually starts at 2,500 PHP (~$45-$50.00USD) per person.

Go Jet Skiing in Boracay

If you want something a bit more high-octane, jet skiing is one of the great Boracay activities you should try. Master of the sea, feel the wind and warm ocean mist on your face while you skim the waves.

Typically you’re looking at about 2,000-3500 PHP ($40-$65.00USD) depending on how long you want to ride for. Locally, might be able to haggle a little bit, or you can pre-book so it’s arranged ahead of time. The rush is worth it!

Activities in Boracay: Kiteboarding is a Once in a Lifetime Thrill

Learn how to own the waves!  If you’re left wondering what to do in Boracay for a unique experience, this might be it!

Options are available for absolute beginners, as well as those with experience. Instructors will teach to you the basics like weather conditions, wave height, and wind direction.

After some practice, in no time, you’ll be one with the wind and enjoying of the best things to do in Boracay.

Boracay Activities: Wakeboarding

If you’re not ready for kite boarding but still want a high energy experience with less skill and technique involved, try Wakeboarding. Zip across the waves while being pulled by a motor boat at speeds up to 40kph (25mph)! If you’ve never done it before you can add-on a lesson before you head out.

Boracay Activities: Cliff Jumping

That’s right! Jump off Ariel’s Point Cliff. Brave the heights, and take the plunge into the crystal clear blue waters below. Ariel’s Point is a renowned cliff diving destination. It’s a 35-40 minute ride from Boracay’s White Beach, located in Buruanga, Aklan.

The spot has five cliff diving platforms starting at 3 meters for beginners and scaredy-cats, and as high as 15 meters for the brave. Give it a shot!

Banana Boat rides, UFO rides, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding are some other popular and well reviewed water based Boracay activities you can enjoy, or try one of these…

Try A Helmet Dive!

Go Sailing!

Try SCUBA Diving!

Other Things to do in Boracay

Activities in Boracay are not only for the adventurous and thrill seekers. There are so many other interesting attractions in and around the island. Here are some low key things to do in Boracay.

Boracay Activities: Take a Sunset Cruise

Keep your camera handy, or snuggle up to your partner as you head out on a paraw boat (an outrigger style sailboat local to the Philippines). Feel the warm tropical breeze as you gaze out at Boracay’s legendary sunset. Rides typically last about 1/2 hour.

Boracay Activities: Go Island Hopping

One of the favorite Boracay activities is checking out other nearby islands. Crocodile Island is just a 15 to 20-minute ride from Boracay’s main area. Don’t worry, this uninhabited island gets its name from its shape only! 

Crystal Cove Island is another nearby island to explore. Its main attraction is two caves where Sibuyan Sea waves flush into. In the Southern part, you’ll get to enjoy its white sandy beach and admire its remarkable coastline.

Activities in Boracay: Go Exploring

While White Beach may have stolen the limelight from the other beaches on the island as it has become the center of tourism. Other beaches and nearby islands are part of its beauty and worth visiting too. Whether you’re traveling solo or with family and friends, try and get to some of Boracay’s other hidden gems.

One of the beaches you should experience is Puka Beach at the Northern end of Boracay Island. The mixture of soft ‘Puka’ shells (thus the name) and sand gives this beach a distinct texture. Puka’s beach water gets deep quickly, much more so than White Beach. Stay on the beach if you’re an inexperienced swimmer.

Just a few minutes walk from White Beach is Diniwid Beach. Its well-known here for relaxation and having the best view of the Boracay’s spectacular sunset.

If you’re looking for marine life, Tambisaan Beach has beautiful coral gardens just off the shore for an excellent snorkeling opportunity. (You can rent gear or bring your own).

Lined with cliffs and forests, Ilig-Iligan Beach is fit for those looking for seclusion and tranquility. This beach often gets overlooked due to its unpopularity and location. Capture spectacular photos in the  little caves, rock formations, and the surrounding forest.

Snap a Selfie on Willy’s Rock, a castle-like rocky outcrop that dominates the seascape along White Beach. It is, arguably, one of the most photographed places on Boracay. Plus, it offers an impressive view of the island. Facing the beach is a man-made staircase that leads up to a chapel at the top, where there’s a statue of the Virgin Mary. Don’t forget to snap a selfie on Boracay’s famous landmark. Just be aware of the tides.

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Final Thoughts

While there may be new conditions visitors need to adjust too, it’s really a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things to maintain Boracay’s beauty and keep it in its pristine condition. There are still lots of fun things to do in Boracay. Come and experience the new and improved Boracay yourself.

It may sound glum but, beachfront parties are now banned on the island. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are also no longer allowed along the beachfront. There are designated areas  where you are permitted to do so.

The installation of electric lights on the beachfront and fire dancing using kerosene lamps are also prohibited. Fireworks displays are only allowed until 9:00 in the evening.

Scuba diving is also suspended until further notice.

For a perfect visit, try and  avoid the wet season and you’re all good. November is usually a great month to visit if you want to avoid the crowds and still have great weather. 

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