Sextourism in Boracay: Is it Finally a Thing of the Past?

Sex Tourism in Boracay where to stay in boracay

**2019 Update: This is a very old post. Boracay closed in April 2018, and reopened in October 2018 with tight new guidelines with an aim to put an end to this type of tourism and focus more on a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. See more about the regulations here. Today you will find a more peaceful island without the raucous party atmosphere.


For developing countries like the Philippines, tourism is a very important industry to improve the economy. This sector has a huge potential to provide a lot of job opportunities, develop new infrastructure, and donate a huge amount of tax revenue to the country. Thailand is a great example of a country that has successfully developed their tourism industry to improve their economy. During the global economic crisis several years ago, while other countries in South East Asia were still struggling with the crisis, Thailand could get out of the mess pretty quickly by boosting their tourism industry.

As a country in the same region, Philippines has relatively the same potentials as its neighboring country when it comes to tourism. That’s why today more and more tourist destinations are developed in this country to attract a lot of visitors, and so far it’s been quite successful. Many tourist destinations in Philippines are beginning to be known worldwide and every year, more and more tourists visit this country.

Boracay is definitely one of the most important tourist destinations in Philippines. This beautiful island offers warm tropical climate with gorgeous sandy beaches that attract a lot of visitors all year round. Besides the beauty if its nature, Boracay nightlife is another thing that attracts visitors. This island is known worldwide for being a great destination for nightlife entertainment. There are a lot of great bars and discos all over the island ready to entertain the tourists all night long.

However, tourism also comes with some negative consequences, especially on destinations that are favored by mostly young travelers like Boracay. Prostitution is probably one of the most common problems in most tourist destinations, even in places where prostitution is strictly prohibited. Boracay, as a popular nightlife destination obviously also has to deal with this issue.

Sex Tourism in Boracay where to stay in boracay

In fact today, there are even many people who consider Boracay as a sex tourism destination and visit this place mainly expecting to get that ‘special treatment’. This is actually quite surprising because even though it’s quite popular as a nightlife center in the Philippines, Boracay is nothing like a red light district where you can find prostitutes offering their services on every corner. There is no brothel that displays flirty women behind a large glass wearing sexy dresses, Boracay is nothing at all like that. In fact, it’s actually being promoted as a honeymoon and family holiday destination.

But it doesn’t mean that prostitution doesn’t exist here. There are quite many ‘freelancers’ or ‘independent workers’ or whatever it is you want to call them operating in the island. Usually these girls or ladyboys are hanging in the bars or Boracay Hotels where there are lots of travellers spending their time and some of them might need a companion.

Unfortunately these working girls and ladyboys are slowly ruining the reputation of this beautiful destination, and the worst thing is there’s even a suspicion about child trafficking for prostitution that’s involving this island. The Philippines’ government is well aware about this issue and has been working to restore Boracay’s reputation as a family friendly holiday destination, which hopefully could be realized soon.

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