Puka Beach Boracay: Visiting the Island’s Tranquil Puka Shell Beach

Puka Shell Beach on Boracay…aka Puka Beach… aka Yapak Beach is an Island Paradise of pristine turquoise waters and tropical relaxation. Puka Beach Boracay can be found on the peaceful Northern tip of Boracay. Here is Everything you need to Know About Puka Beach Boracay.

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Not all tourists like the hustle and bustle of White Beach Boracay. Some prefer to experience a more authentic island vibe where it’s less crowded and has less commercial establishments – the way islands should be. For those who would love to unwind in a quiet and secluded area of Boracay Island, head over to the beautiful and serene Puka Shell Beach.

Puka Beach: Where is Puka Beach?

Puka Beach, known locally as Yapak Beach, is an 800-meter long stretch of white sand at the very northern end of Boracay Island. It’s named for the puka shells which can be found scattered along its shore. It’s where the locals collect their shells to create puke shell jewelry and ornaments sold throughout the island.

Unlike the crowded and busy stations of Boracay’s famous White Beach, Puka Beach is a relatively quieter area. It doesn’t have the busy shops, restaurants, and souvenir stalls seen on the main beach.

While the sand may not have the same softness as White Beach, it makes up for it with its beautiful beach landscape, crystal-clear blue waters, fewer establishments in the area, less crowds and an overall calm and tranquil atmosphere. Many tourists claim it’s as beautiful as the White Beach, but with abundant puka shells, of course. It’s the best beach in Boracay to have a peaceful tropical getaway with family or loved ones.

Puka beach Boracay Puka Shell beach, Where to stay in boracay, boracay beaches, boracay resorts, boracay philippines

Puka Beach: How to Get To Puka Beach 

To get to Puka Beach, you can take an e-jeepney (the new eco-friendly island buses) or a tricycle (a sort of taxi) from any of the 3 stations at White Beach. They operate like service cars that pick up and drop off tourists at certain stops. The fare to Puka Beach will cost around PHP 50 or less depending on which station you’re coming from. There’s no entrance fee to the Puka Beach.

As an option, Puka Beach is also one of the destinations on the island hopping boat tours from White Beach. However, this will only allow you a limited time on Puka beach. If you prefer to stay longer and manage your own time at Puka Shell Beach, it’s best to go on your own.

Puka Beach: Where to Stay Near Puka Beach

Unlike White Beach, you won’t find any hotels or resorts in the immediate area. There are, a couple of budget hotels in nearby Barangay Yapak, which is only a short ride from Puka Beach, but not on the beach – make sure to check that they are accredited by the government. If you’re planning to stay at Puka Beach the whole day, there are a few food stalls found near the beach, however it’s advised that you bring food or snacks if you will be spending any length of time there. REMEMBER TO TAKE ALL YOUR TRASH WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE!

Puka beach Boracay Puka Shell beach, Where to stay in boracay, boracay beaches, boracay resorts, boracay philippines

Puka Beach: Best Things to Do at Puka Beach

Wade or swim in the gorgeous clear waters of course!

Puka Beach has a different kind of beauty. The water in this part of Boracay is crystal clear and gets deep quickly, almost as soon as you walk a few meters away from the shore. This makes the area ideal for those who would want to enjoy a swim on a calm beach away from the crowd. 

However, the waves can get rough at times so inexperienced swimmers should take extra caution.

Aside from swimming, there’s not much to do on the beach other than to relax on the white sand and work on your tan. It’s also the perfect place to have a good book to read while listening to the sound of the crashing waves in the background. Puka Beach is tranquil and a great place to disconnect and recharge the batteries. 

Make sure you catch a sunset. Puka Beach offers a magnificent view of the setting sun. A the evening sets in, stay awhile and enjoy – it’s truly remarkable.

Puka beach Boracay Puka Shell beach, Where to stay in boracay, boracay beaches, boracay resorts, boracay philippines

Puka Beach: Things to Remember

If you prefer to spend a whole day at the isolated Puka Beach, make sure to bring a water jug and some snacks or your own picnic lunch with you. There are a few places to eat but options are somewhat limited.

note: eating/grilling on the  on the beach itself is not allowed, so be sure to eat only in designated areas.

Bring your own rubbish bag and leave anything behind. Offenders will be charged with hefty fines. 

Wear something to protect your feet if you have. There are a lot of Puka shells on the beach that can be uncomfortable to walk on.

Boracay was once famous for elaborate sand castles created by artists. The frenzied result of ridiculous sandcastles that followed is the reason why building unregulated sandcastles on the beach is now prohibited. It’s part of the new by-laws implemented on the island since its re-opening last year.
Also, setting up your own beach umbrellas or deckchairs on the beach is also no longer allowed.

Please abide by the local laws and regulations which are necessary for Boracay’s sustainable development.

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