Nightlife in Boracay

Boracay is a small, beautiful island in the Philippines that attracts so many visitors all year round. Tourists are coming from all over the world to enjoy the warm tropical sun, beautiful sandy beaches, kitesurfing, scuba diving and many more.

boracay nightlife
boracay nightlife

But the fun is not ended after the sun is set, in fact Boracay really comes to life at night and offers various nightlife entertainment options for its visitors.

If you want to experience a romantic night on the island with your partner, there are many places on terrific locations where you can have a romantic candle light dinner while listening to classical guitarist or pianist. A lot of resorts and Boracay hotels also offer live entertainment with local bands.

From north to south, you can find various Boracay nightlife entertainment spots that are available all night long. Normally when speaking about Boracay nightlife, most people will point out the White Beach area, which is no surprise because it’s pretty much the center of nightlife entertainment in this island. However, actually you can always find music and entertainment on many different places all over Boracay. Not only life music, there are also other kinds of entertainment and great places to hangout including bars and discos.


  • Bars


These are the heart of Boracay nightlife, bars in this island are never empty all day long and usually get quite crowdy at night, especially those in along the White Beach. Some of the most popular ones are Fridays Resort on the north of White Beach, Cocomangas Shooter Bar near the Balabag Plaza, Cocoloco, Mango-Ray Resort, Isla Baila, Cafe del Sol, and Pat Creek Bar. If just want to chillout and have some light drinks with good food and snack, you could go to Banana Saging on the other side of the island in Bulabog.

boracay nightlife
boracay nightlife

  • Discos


A lot of young tourists are visiting this island mainly to enjoy the nightlife, one of the reasons is because Boracay has lots of great disco spots. Pier One is one of the hottest spots in Boracay for young tourists, this place is usually playing techno and hiphop music, but occasionally there are also live shows performed by popular local recording artists.

Another awesome spot is the Summer Place, which also known as the Sex Shooter Bar. Don’t let the name fools you, because it’s more than just a bar, it has a disco floor, a live band stage and a great Mongolian Grill.

Club Paraw is also a place that you might want to checkout during your nightlife exploration in Boracay. This is a great place to hangout with a nice setting. You could dance on the sand or just enjoy your drinks on the beach.


  • Live Shows and Other Nightlife Spots


Live music and other live entertainment can be found all over the island. At Bom Bom Bar you could enjoy live bands every weekend, the Alice in Wonderland resort also offers live band shows on weekends. If you want something different, you could go to the Fridays Resort on Friday night to see some ethnic and cultural dance shows or go to the Sulu Star a karaoke, usually there’s also a dance contest at this place.

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