Helmet Diving Boracay: One of the Best Things to Do in Boracay

No Diving Experience? No need! A Boracay Helmet Diving experience will provide you with all the enjoyment of exploring the warm tropical underwater environment in Boracay with no prior experience necessary.

Helmet Diving BORACAY

Explore aquatic life without an oxygen tank and full SCUBA gear! Try helmet diving in Boracay on your Philippine holiday.

Boracay Helmet Diving Overview

Walk and breathe normally underwater on a Helmet Diving adventure in Boracay. Helmet diving allows you to view the aquatic life on the seabed with the use of a special helmet connected to the the surface giving the diver an unlimited supply of air. A helmet big and funny looking, but it’s designed to keep divers submerged under the water. The air supply inside the helmet also prevents any water from entering, meaning your hair and face remain dry during your exploration. There is no need for any other special equipment.

Helmet diving in Boracay is excellent as it is one of the best locations in the world to explore the underwater marine life. Apart from its beautiful white sand beaches, the waters are crystal clear. Helmet diving on your visit to Boracay, is a must-try, and an excellent family activity.

Are There Any Special Skills Required for Helmet Diving in Boracay?

If you’re a decently quick learner, you’ll have no trouble with helmet diving. Your instructors for the dive will make sure you’re well prepared by teaching necessary hand signals for communication underwater. The hand signals can be useful in certain situations.

Helmet diving is an underwater activity that does not require swimming skills. However, people who know how to swim may find it easier to explore the coral reefs at the site compared to those who are not as strong.

The helmet is rather heavy. However, the weight of the helmet underwater is much lighter compared to its actual weight on land, but some strength and balance is required. Helmet diving is considered a very safe activity, but water can still find its way into the helmet, so pay attention to the guides safety instructions.

Tip: There is a space in the helmet for you to put your hands inside if you feel the need to scratch an itch. Because of this gap, you need to avoid tilting your head to certain angles. The tubes that are connecting to the diving helmet supply pressurized air from above the sea surface to prevent water from going in. People must stay calm and always be aware of the helmet’s position.


About the Helmet Diving Tour

How Long Can You Go Helmet Diving?

You will be given instructions prior to your dive. A single session of your helmet diving activity will give you 15 minutes of deep sea exploration as soon as you descend from the sea surface, so make you make the most of your time underwater.

What it Includes

  • Helmet & equipment needed for the activity.
  • Boat trip to the designated dive area.
  • Local instructors with qualifications from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) will assist you during the activity.
  • Free souvenir of photos and a CD video of your exploration.

What it Doesn’t Include

  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel.
  • Food/beverages

Are There Any Restrictions?

Pregnant women should not participate. Kids under eight years old may struggle to shoulder the weight of the helmet. Also, the activity may also be dangerous for people with heart conditions. The pressurized air can also cause damage to people who suffer from inner ear problems. People with lung conditions and hypertension should avoid helmet diving as well. The guides will prohibit intoxicated people from participating in the activity.

*Divers 18 years old and older need to sign a waiver before taking part in helmet diving. Participants aged 13 to 17 years old require their parents’ or an adult companion’s signature.

Tour Departure Information

A tour representative will be waiting for you holding a placard 15 minutes before the start of your helmet diving trip.

The pick-up locations are in Station 1 and Station 3. For tourists staying in Station 1, they can meet with the representative at the Astoria Boracay. In Station 3, the participants can  meet with the representative at the 7-Eleven Convenience Store.

For tourists that are not in Station 1 or 3, they can take a local tricycle to the desired locations for 50 PHP.

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