Diving in Boracay – Philippines

“The beutiful of underwater experience! Enjoy diving will never been better!”

diving in boracay

Boracay is one of Best destination for diving in Philiphines. Boracay, generally has 25 dive sites around the island. It is accessibly by short boat ride. There are beautiful and easy spots you can see. Over there, there are many stunning corals scenery. They are colorful and lie underwater perfectly. While you are diving, you will also find yourself sorounded by parrot fishes, damsel fishes and turtles.

Before diving, you should know the best time to dive first. The visiblity of water is usually pretty nice (20m-30m) from April to June. Unfortunately, this reduced to only 5m to 10m in December. The water temperature is usually around 28* C. This is may higher around April and May.

Scuba diving condition here is also pretty nice to try since it has straight channel to another island. Normal water condition. So it is 28* C on Average, 25*C during Winter, and 32*C in Summer. The best visibility is usually come aroun April – Junen (up to 30 meter). While driving, you are freely to choose weather you want to dive and go along from one island to another island using diving tools or dive for a while and move to another place using the local fisherman’s boat. Then, stop in a certain location.

The most intersting diving point around Boracay Island are:

diving in boracay
1. Yapak

Yapak is the most famous diving point around this aIsland. It has 25-40m deep. Actually thi spot is devided into 4 branch spots. Here, Yapak 2 is the most favourite one. Here you can observe big fishes swimming together with you. They are fish like Pelagic fishes such as Barracudas, Giant Travellies, and Dogtooth Tunas. Sometimes the grey hammerhead shark and or a Manta Ray appears. But they are not dangerous.

diving in boracay yapak

2. Angol Point
Angol point is also famous diving point here. It is not too deep (10m-15m). This easy track of diving is suitable if you are inviting your son or daughter above 10 years old. Here you can observe the group of Sweetlips, Sea snakes, Scorpion fish, clownfish, and starfish are swimming nicely among you.

diving in boracay

3. Crocodile Island
Crocodile Island is situated in South of Boracay Island. It is considered as the best dive sites of Boracay. Crocodile Island has a clear crystal water in it. So you can see deeply and perfectly. Here, you can also watch many kinds of fish such as LionFish or maybe Moral Eels. However, It is called crocodile island because the shape of this island looks like a crocodile head.
If you are tired for diving, Boracay provide some hotel to visit and rest in it. Some hotels near with the location such as Zuzuni Boutique Hotel, Henann Garden Resort, Patio Pacific Boracay, The District Boracay, MR holidays Hotel, Red Coconut Beach Hotel, Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center, Boracay Beach Resort, Grand Boracay Resort, and Crystal Sand Beach Resort.

You  can check all of them here: http://compare.boracaybooking.com/Place/Boracay.htm
However it is possible to dive all year round in Boracay.

diving in boracay

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