Boracay New Rules: Boracay Has Reopened With Some New Regulations

Boracay has Reopened with some new Rules. This New Rules Boracay List has everything you need to know about visiting the new and improved island. Boracay is safer, cleaner and more enjoyable because of the New Regulations for Boracay.

New regulations for Boracay, what are the new rules for Boracay new rules

Great News, Boracay has Re-opened!

That’s right, Boracay is once again open, but travelers should be aware of the new rules. Boracay is accepting visitors to the new and improved tropical paradise once again, and the soft white sandy Boracay beaches travelers began to fall in love with decades ago, have now been cleaned up and restored. In order to maintain this new and improved condition the government, and local authorities, has established some new rules for Boracay.

New regulations for Boracay, what are the new rules for Boracay new rules

Does this mean there is nothing to do in Boracay? Absolutely not!

Click here for a list of things to do in Boracay.

Most notably, the new rules for Boracay are as follows…

  • No more than 54,945 people can be on the island at one time. This means 19,215 tourists and 35,730 staff and residents, also a daily tourist limit of 6405 arrivals. What does this mean for you? Book early!
  • Visitors must have a booking with an accredited establishment – you may be asked to provide proof.
  • SCUBA diving is temporarily banned, but snorkelling and helmet dives are still possible.
  • Strict zoning areas for some watersports must be observed. (For example, jet skis must be at least 100 meters from shore).
  • Environmentally friendly buses (e-jeepneys) and electric tricycle taxis are now in operation to get around the island.
  • Partying and alcohol consumption on the beach is prohibited. There are designated areas.
  • Bringing your own beach umbrellas, beach beds or deckchairs to the beach is not allowed.
  • No pets allowed on the beach.
  • Littering is strictly forbidden and enforced with hefty fines.
  • Eating on the beach is not permitted.
  • BBQ/Grills are not allowed on the beach.
  • No fireworks after 9pm.
  • Single-use plastics are banned.
  • Gambling is forbidden. (Casinos are not permitted to operate on the island).
  • Building unregulated sandcastles on the beach shore is not permitted (we’re talking big, elaborate showcases which Boracay used to be famous for).
  • Vomiting/urinating in public areas is a finable offence

For many tourists wishing to visit Boracay, most of the above new restrictions will not be a big deal. Boracay is shedding its past reputation as a haven for nightlife, all night beach parties and bon fires. This has opened the island up to being more family friendly, safe, and environmentally friendly. For hotels and resorts to be added to the accredited list, they must meet stricter safety and environmental standards including sewage.

This is good news for sun seekers! The island is once again a clean, peaceful tropical island retreat!

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