Boracay Island Nightlife: Dance and Drink until You Drop

boracay nightlife

Boracay Island is the home for the best beaches in the Philippines, and home for the wildest, craziest nightlife spots too! Boracay nightlife draws a lot of foreigners and Filipinos alike as they get to experience the serenity of nature and the beach, and enjoy the fun and wild side of the city. Boracay Island has the best of both.
There are lots of ways to have that fun and wild nightlife in boracay. If you are planning to visit Boracay and you’re planning to have a nightlife filled with fun and merry-making, then you might as well choose the spots you want to go to in order for you to maximize you.

Here are a few ways on having that beautiful Boracay nightlife:
• Resorts – if you’re looking for a place to have a few drinks without the glaring crowd, then this is perfect. Most of the hotels in Boracay have bars inside. What’s best about it is there is good music and beautiful ambiance. Most of the resort hotels in Boracay feature live bands too specially on weekends. Having nightlife in the resort is a good option especially on high seasons where the usual go-to places are filled with so many tourists. Also, you can have a romantic night life with your loved one on the resorts, there are nights when they hire acoustic bands which will be great for a love-filled night life.


boracay nightlife
• Boracay Bars – this is the life of the Party of the Boracay Island Nightlife. What’s amazing about it is the bars in Boracay are open 24 hours a day, which means you can drop by and have a few drinks in the daytime as well! A few of the most visited places include: Cocomangas, Epic, Sand Bar, Guilly’s Island, Calypso and Sanga Bar, Wave Bar Juice Bar an Russian Bar.
• Boracay Discos – there is nothing you can compare to that high feeling of dancing and drinking in the heart of a paradise island. That’s the promise that Boracay discos give. You can party, dance and drink the night away at the best Boracay Disco Dancing spots. Places where you can disco partying are Pier One, Summer Place and Club Paraw. You surely will have a great time dancing the night away at these great spots!

• Shows and Live Bands – There are a lot of spots where live bands are playing and a lot of cultural performances go on especially on the weekends. Places where you can catch these performances are in Fridays Resort where ethnic and cultural performances go on Friday nights, whereas Bom Bom/Pats Bar and Sex in the Alice in Wonderland has live bands playing on the weekends. For KTV fun, you can visit Sulu Star and sing your heart out.
Boracay offers a whole lot of things to do, not just in the daytime, not just swimming, but wild partying and fun nightlife events too!

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