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boracay attracctions

Are you planning to go somewhere relaxing and tranquil for your holiday? Boracay Island, Philippines can be your alternative to have a holiday package together with your beloved people. Receiving awards from numerous travel publications and agencies makes Boracay able to compete with the other panoramas. Boracay Island which is administered by Philippine Tourism Authority and the provincial government of Aklan has been known as a paradise for certified beach and sun-worshippers around the world. It is not surprising if a lot of tourists make Boracay Island as their yearly holiday destination.

Located around 350 kilometers south of Manila, Philippines make you efficiently save your time to reach Boracay Island. Although Boracay Island is only about seven kilometers long and its narrowest point barely one kilometer wide, there are a large number of attractions offered by Boracay beaches and probably making you extend your holiday. Beside the fine white beaches and the crystal clear cool water you can find in Boracay Island, such enchanting adventures bring you an endless pleasure and remain an unforgettable memory in your soul.
While the other beaches offer you scuba-diving, you can explore the underwater life with a different thing. Yes, it is a helmet diving. It is one of perfectly adventurous activities you can have in Boracay Island. With helmet diving or also called as reef walking, there is no need to worry for those who are not a scuba diver but want to see the life under the water of Boracay. Also, you can get two souvenir discs which contain photos and videos while exploring your adventurous underwater life.
Are you the one who do not really like crowd? If yes, the beach of Puka  is the most suitable beach you must definitely visit. Few tourists going to this beach makes as if you had a private beach. It has fine white sand, clear water and unspoiled surroundings which attract you to bask in the sand without feeling annoyed with some offers to play banana boat or helmet diving. Besides, you can see the island of Carabao in Romblon from the beach of Puka.

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Well, it is quite incomplete if there are no hotel recommendations mentioned. If you are looking for a place to stay without breaking your wallet, Cool Stay Inn is highly recommended for you. Near with the white beach (station 1 & 2) makes you easy to go the famous places in Boracay Island. This inn also possibly makes you reach Bulabog Beach which is well-known for its wind sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing. Another hotel in Barocay is Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel. Located at the beautiful White Beach makes this hotel completely recommended. With its affordable luxury, this hotel offers a wide array of conveniences which many people look for. These two hotels in Borocay can be the answer when you visit this island.

There are still a lot of uncommon adventures you can have in Boracay Island like beach hopping, island trekking, or cliff jumping but if it is seemly impossible to describe all of them. Just experience by yourself, enjoy all the Borocay attractions and see how gorgeous Boracay Island is! I assure you will come back to Boracay Island for the second time because you are not satisfied exploring this awesome island within your lack of holiday time.

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