The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Store According to 25 Ecommerce Pros | Databox Blog (2023)

There are seemingly endless ways you can spend time promoting and growing your new online store.

But for most e-commerce store owners, trying to tackle every method all at once isn’t the right way to drive growth. Not only will your efforts consume all of your time, but you’ll likely produce lackluster results. After all, it’s hard to do anything really well when you spread yourself too thin.

The better approach is to choose a limited number of ways to promote your online store. Focus your efforts on those channels, and measure your results to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Then, over time, you can expand and refine your efforts based on what you know is driving growth and sales.

But where should you start?

In our most recent survey, we polled a group of e-commerce marketers to uncover the most effective channels for promoting a new online store. Content, influencer, email, and social media marketing topped the list.

The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Store According to 25 Ecommerce Pros | Databox Blog (2)

We also asked our respondents to share the specific strategies they use to drive growth and sales on their recommended channels. Here’s what we learned.

How to Promote a New Online Store with Content Marketing

“When it comes to online stores, we’ve always had the biggest successes promoting our clients through content marketing,” says Andrew McLoughlin of Colibri Digital Marketing. “Publishing provides an opportunity to explain what sets one store apart from the rest and it builds a corpus of content that can fuel a stronger social media presence as well.”

Jaywing Australia’s Katie Bolton agrees: “Producing free, valuable content creates trust in your brand, keeps people informed, and helps you rank in search engines. You’ll see the power of content marketing via social shares, increased visibility in search engines, and increased traffic.”

So what specific tactics should you use? Our respondents offered several suggestions.

Publish More Than Just Blog Posts

Bolton argues that running a blog is one of the best ways to create a loyal following and build brand awareness, particularly if you’re publishing top-of-the-funnel content. But other respondents recommend going beyond just publishing blog posts.

“If you want your store to stand out, provide free content to potential customers,” says Pupford’s Devin Stagg. “But I don’t just mean blogs. You should also give away valuable and in-depth content pieces like ebooks and courses.”

If you require nothing but a name and email address for visitors to access these premium pieces of content, Stagg says, “you can market to those visitors via email campaigns in the future.”

Grit’s Jason Acidre recommends using video content to stand out: “I think one of the most underrated ways to promote a new online store is creating high-quality video content that shows what a certain product does and how it benefits its users.”

Once you’ve published the video content, Acidre says, “promote it heavily on social media.”

Don’t Neglect SEO

According to James Boston of Paperlust, combining content marketing and SEO is particularly effective when you’re marketing a product that has high search volume for generic terms (e.g. “wedding invitations”).

“Targeting all of our major head-terms has allowed us to become the number-one player in the Australian market,” Boston says, “with over 50,000 organic visits a month.”

Paperlust uses the following strategies to drive traffic with content and SEO:

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  • Foundational Content: “Many customers that come to your site are in the very early stages of the buying process and may need further education on the product or how to use it,” Boston says. “Having good foundational content will lead to better time on site and better engagement is one of the signals used by search engines to validate keyword accuracy.”
  • Remarketing: “We have a large number of blogs that are aimed at the early-stage researcher,” Boston says. “When someone visits one of these blogs, we track them using remarketing cookies, then we serve specific content and messages to them over the following weeks as they browse the web and social. Remarketing is much cheaper than buying the acquisition (cents versus dollars) and gives us a ROAS of 8-15 times.”
  • Outreach: “Outreach using content marketing for us is about creating brand awareness,” Boston says. “We regularly contact all the major wedding blogs and magazines with fresh content we’ve produced. Often, sending unsolicited content works, but at other times you need to go further. For magazines like Vogue, we’ve organized products and product shots based on their creative direction.”
  • Rich Snippets: “Rich snippets allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page,” Boston says. “However, many miss the content marketing opportunity of using snippets. They need to include a clear, concise description of a product, not a keyword-laden signal to the search engines.”

And while Paperlust’s results show that combining content marketing and SEO can lead to remarkable growth, Boston cautions that “SEO is a medium- to long-term strategy. Paid search and social,” he says, “is still critical to gaining exposure where we do not dominate organically.”

The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Store According to 25 Ecommerce Pros | Databox Blog (3)

Consider Paid Search for Short-Term Growth

Grand Cru Digital’s Casey Bryan recommends “getting Google Ads—Google Shopping ads and some display/video branding ads—set up for the new store immediately to help get the new business name out there.”

“Then,” Bryan says, “have these running while implementing ongoing SEO. This strategy will draw attention straight away while also laying the foundations for long-term organic growth.”

Jaywing Australia’s Katie Bolton agrees: “The benefit of PPC advertising through search engines is that you can choose what specific keywords your ads—and therefore your content—display for.”

And as you narrow in to grow your channel through paid search, keep an eye on your most important metrics with this paid search dashboard.

PRO TIP: Get Useful, Actionable Data on Your Ecommerce Store’s Performance

To improve the performance of your online store, it’s vital to have access to useful and actionable data. But, with so many metrics available to track, it may be hard to determine which ones will actually help you move the needle.

That’s why we have created a concise dashboard template that only tracks the most important metrics for analyzing the core elements of your ecommerce businesses, such as:

  1. Transactions and orders. How many transactions does your online store process in a day, a week, or a month? How many orders, and how many were placed on the same day of the previous month?
  2. Sales volume and trends. See how much money has been generated from sales in the current month. Analyze daily trends to compare with your sales goals and take action to reach them.
  3. Website traffic trends. Track the number of new and returning visitors to your website and the number of individual sessions initiated by these users.
  4. Conversion to customers. See what percentage of your website visitors convert to customers.
  5. Revenue per customer. See how much revenue you get from each unique visitor that interacts with your store during a given time period.
  6. Amount per transaction. Track the average dollar amount each customer spends on a sale.
  7. Best-selling products. See your most popular products in terms of volume and revenue in a given period.

And more…

Now you can benefit from the experience of our Google Analytics experts, who have put together a plug-and-play Databox template showing the most important KPIs for monitoring your online store’s performance. It’s simple to implement and start using as a standalone dashboard or in ecommerce reports, and best of all, it’s free!

You can easily set it up in just a few clicks – no coding required.

To set up the dashboard, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Get the template

Step 2: Connect your Google Analytics account with Databox.

Step 3: Watch your dashboard populate in seconds.

Get the template free

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How to Promote a New Online Store with Influencer Marketing

“Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote a new online store,” says Peacock Alley’s Ryne Higgins.

The best part of influencer marketing is that it’s easy and inexpensive to get started. All you need to do is identify relevant influencers and send them your product to test and review.

As Christian Schauf of Uncharted Supply Co. says: “The best way to promote and grow a new online store is to get your product in front of the people who are most likely to use it. At Uncharted, we sent our flagship product, The Seventy2 Hour Survival Bag, to survival experts and survival blogs in order for them to review and post on their site.”

According to Higgins, sending your products to influencers leads to two big benefits: “First, it helps you gain exposure through the influencer’s audience. Second, it acts as quality assurance for consumers who like to study reviews before making a purchase (which is most of them).”

For Alejandra Melara of Gray Group International, Higgins’ second point is key: “We believe that in order to start producing online revenue, the most important thing is to build trust with your audience. Having a relevant influencer promote your product not only increases your traffic, but it also helps you start to build a relationship of trust with your audience.”

But when it comes to influencer marketing, bigger isn’t always better. “Don’t work with influencers with millions of followers,” says Growth Hackers’ Jonathan Aufray. “Start small. Find what I call macro-influencers—those who have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers—in your niche. Make sure their followers are engaged and correspond to your target audience.”

“Then,” Aufray says, “build a relationship with the influencer and start building and promoting content together. After that, analyze your campaigns and optimize.”

A Case Study in E-commerce Influencer Marketing Success

Dennis from Core dna shares a success story of how e-commerce startup Frank Body used influencer marketing to build trust in its brand and create a desire for its products.

“Working with influencers is not a new growth tactic for e-commerce businesses,” Dennis says, “but the way Frank Body approached it was interesting.”

“From the very beginning, Frank Body focused on ‘authentic’ content created by others to boost their brand awareness. Before they even had a website, Frank Body sent thousands of sample products to those they considered Instagram micro-influencers in Australia—predominantly makeup artists and beauty bloggers.”

“Below is one example of an authentic influencer post on Instagram:”

View this post on Instagram

This is NOT an ad. I am obsessed with @frank_bod products. This scrub is one of my top two favorite products. Face changer !!! #thefrankeffect

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A post shared by avivadrescher (@avivadrescher) on

“What’s unique about this post is that the influencer states upfront: ‘This is NOT an ad. I’m obsessed with @frank_bod products.’”

“Sending your product to a few Instagram influencers isn’t going to be enough. There were three things that Frank Body did that made their influencer collaborations successful:”

  1. “They had a great product that was unique and new in the market. Influencers were excited to try it out.”
  2. “They emphasized the need for ‘real’ responses from these influencers. All they asked for was feedback and a share on their Instagram page if the product resonated, which it did. This shows a trend away from ‘polished’ influencer posts and towards a more authentic sharing of our experience with a product.”
  3. “They combined this influencer campaign with a customer-focused, user-generated content campaign, leveraging the same hashtags and style for the imagery. This ramped up the believability of these influencer posts.”

“The results? This original influencer campaign went nuts. People that followed these micro-influencers were envious. They wanted the product themselves and couldn’t wait to order it.”

So what’s the actionable takeaway? Dennis says: “Don’t just aimlessly send out products to influencers and expect to go viral. Focus on those who have influence over your narrow customer group, emphasize the ‘one thing’ that you do better than anyone else, and make the whole experience believable by backing the quality of your product.”

How to Promote a New Online Store with Email Marketing

“We have the benefit of working closely with online stores on their marketing initiatives, and we consistently see email marketing generate a higher ROI than any other acquisition channel,” says Josh Reyes of SmartrMail.

Reyes continues: “The algorithms that power social media and the duopoly of Facebook and Google have resulted in an ever-rising cost of doing business and reaching customers for online retailers. Email allows retailers to intimately connect with and address their most loyal customers while enabling budding startups to develop armies of influencers.”

Coffey & Tea’s Meg Coffey agrees: “Focus on your database. Emails are the only thing without an algorithm at play.”

In fact, even if you’re using a different channel to promote your online store initially, you should still use that channel to grow your email list. As BOOM Marketing’s David Balogh says: “We use a lot of online marketing channels—influencer marketing, social media, and paid ads—but we only want one thing from our prospects: to subscribe to our list.”

“Right now, we do this with a giveaway campaign,” Balogh says. “That’s how we build our email list, and we mostly promote our giveaways on social. Once we have someone’s email address, we take advantage of pre-built email marketing automation so that after someone gets on our list, we are ready to sell to them if their actions indicate that they’re ready to buy.”

But even if you don’t focus on social media marketing alongside email marketing, you can start building your email list on day one. Jaywing Australia’s Katie Bolton says building a database of emails is as simple as “including an email subscriptions form somewhere on your website.”

Capturing the contact information of your earliest visitors, says Arvind Krishnan of Swym Corporation, “lets you engage with those visitors over time and leverage that engagement to drive conversions. It’s a great way to maximize value on a sustainable basis.”

The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Store According to 25 Ecommerce Pros | Databox Blog (5)

How to Promote a New Online Store on Social Media

“Right from the beginning, it’s important to go live with your social media marketing efforts,” says’s Zac Johnson. “This includes building a following and also making sure you have a presence on all platforms.”

Glacier Wellness’ Samuel Meyers agrees: “The genius behind social media marketing is that it is designed to spread ideas and news like wildfire. As a result, it should be one of the first channels for new companies to get exposure and bring traffic to their stores.”

As far as what social channel to focus on, Meyers highly recommends Instagram for e-commerce stores: “Thanks to its unique format, we’ve found Instagram to be particularly effective in expanding our audience. Unlike other social media channels which focus on giving you what you already like, Instagram predicts users’ interests and delivers new content.”

And while it’s possible to grow your social following organically, you may also want to consider running paid ads. James Marques of Iconic Genius asserts that “social media advertising is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote your online store.”

How? Marques continues: “Social media advertising lets you target your perfect customer based on interests, behaviors, job titles, and more. You can also use your email database on social media, which allows you to retarget interested buyers or create look-a-like audiences.”

McMahon Marketing’s Kalie Fry agrees: “Facebook lead ads have been a gamechanger for us. They’ve helped us bridge the gap between the awareness and consideration stages while reducing the friction you’d normally encounter with contact forms. Integrating with our HubSpot CRM, we’re able to identify more qualified leads and nurture them more efficiently.”

Tips for Succeeding with Paid Ads on Social Media Channels

Our respondents offered a number of tips for succeeding with paid ads on social media.

Ken Marshall of Doorbell Digital Marketing says that “the key to social media advertising is the accuracy of your demographic targeting. You can use interests, hobbies, followed pages, ages, job titles, etc. to get incredibly granular with who you show your ads to.”

Marshall recommends the following process for driving traffic and sales with social media advertising:

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  1. “Create an engagingvideo that educates or entertains your audience. This will allow you to get a gauge for your potential strongest supporters.”
  2. “Retarget the portion of the audience who watched the video past the halfway mark with a promo ad.”
  3. “Retarget the users who didn’t make a purchase with a special offer. Make them enter in their email addresses to claim the offer.”
  4. “Send out an email blast towards the end of the campaign with a follow-up message that sends out a separate promo built around social proof and an emotion-tugging CTA.”

“Even if you don’t hit your sales target after the campaign,” Marshall says, “you will have developed long-term content resources and generated an email list of interested users to target again in the future.”

Paperlust’s James Boston also notes that you may need different approaches for organic and paid social campaigns.

“The content we create for social differs for paid advertising and for our own organic feed,” he says. “Customers use our feed more like a brochure, going through our wide range of options before inquiring or going to our site. The content for this purpose is very much traditionally styled shoots and flat lays.”

“However,” Boston continues, “for paid acquisition campaigns, the content is much more emotive. Videos showing our most luxurious designs are filmed using soft-lighting effects to create an emotive connection. Re-marketing content, including video and stills, is much more focused on conversion messages regarding our unique selling propositions.”

Measure the impact of your paid ads in growing your online store using this paid ads dashboard.

Other Promotion Tactics and Channels to Consider

While content, influencers, social media, and paid search and social topped our list of the most effective ways to promote a new online store, our respondents also shared some additional ideas for promoting your store both online and offline.

Chris Bauer of ElevenNorth Clothing Co. says there’s a lot of value in promoting your products at live events. “Personally, I have seen the best growth come from live events: art festivals, brew fests, farmers markets, etc. The chance to interact with people—have them see my products and try them on—and tell them my story gets them hooked.”

“For me, that has lead to the organic growth that I think any small, online store needs,” Bauer says. “Going into 2019, I have the chance to grow outside of just the online store and get into some local stores that will sell my products in surrounding towns and cities.”

Jake McKenzie of Auto Accessories Garage recommends a simple tip for promoting an online store: “offer special deals and promotions. After all, there are tons of other online stores at your customers’ fingertips. Deals and promotions can help set your site apart.”

Grit’s Jason Acidre recommends forming partnerships with indirect competitors. “Look for ways to form partnerships with indirect competitors—those that sell products that complement yours. These businesses have email lists of people who might be interested in your products, and you can penetrate their audience by getting featured in their newsletters.”

And Jaywing Australia’s Katie Bolton says there’s power in press releases. “Utilize press releases to attract media attention and, in turn, promote your store to potential new customers. However, make sure your news is newsworthy! Don’t expect a response unless you’re giving the public something interesting to read.” Measure the impact of this promotion tactic in growing your online store with this store overview dashboard.

So Which Promotion Tactic Should You Choose?

Hopefully, you now have tons of ideas for new ways to promote your online store. But where should you start?

The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Store According to 25 Ecommerce Pros | Databox Blog (6)

We asked our respondents for their advice, and most recommended that new online store owners get started by building their email lists:

Building your email list is a great place to start because you can do it on a tight budget, and you can use the email addresses you gather in every other campaign you run in the future.

Plus, email marketing is effective no matter what you’re selling. And that’s key, as Jurrasic Sands’ Joe Sloan points out, because “the best way to promote a new store really depends on your audience and your product—more specifically the cost.”

“If you’re selling an item for under $35,” Sloan says, “you most likely don’t have a long buyer’s journey, so social media and promoted posts are a great idea. Facebook and Instagram are a great place to start because many sales will come from impulse purchases.”

“If your products are $75 or more,” Sloan continues, “you most likely will need to convince the customer to make a purchase. That may take multiple website visits and emails, plus ongoing exposure to online ads. The best place to start in this scenario is with a blog.”

If you decide to start with something other than building an email list as your first promotion tactic—or if you plan to promote via email and another channel—make sure to consider what channels are going to be best for the price points of the products you’re selling. To find out your best channels performing channels, check out these free ecommerce dashboard examples.

And finally, consider your own budget when choosing a promotion channel, too. BCG’s Brian Carter offers this recommendation: “On a budget, we recommend influencers, blogging, and email. At scale, the best long-term strategy is dialing into advertising profitability.”

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How do I attract people to my online store? ›

17 ways to attract customers to your online store
  1. Optimize your social media bios.
  2. Partner with creators and influencers.
  3. Run flash sales and promotions.
  4. Write optimized blog content.
  5. Optimize your product descriptions.
  6. Start a free quiz.
  7. Create YouTube videos around trending topics.
  8. Land press coverage.
14 Sept 2022

What strategy would most help an ecommerce business drive traffic to their website and increase sales? ›

Invest in paid search

Sponsored listings on search engines—where businesses pay to be featured in search results—are a great way to raise visibility and drive high-value traffic to your website. Be sure to track the return on investment (ROI) to verify that the results are worth it.

How do you attract customers to your ecommerce website? ›

How To Attract New Customers For Your Ecommerce Business.
  1. Develop buyer personas on real data to reach new customers.
  2. Find the niche areas where your customers hang out online.
  3. Create an inbound content marketing strategy.
  4. Engage in paid advertising to attract new customers.

How do I promote my ecommerce store? ›

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  3. Sell on marketplaces.
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  5. Run PPC campaigns.
  6. Upsell your products.
  7. Integrate Instagram.
  8. Reduce abandoned carts.
14 Apr 2022

How is e-commerce helpful for the promotion of business? ›

One of the biggest advantages of ecommerce to business that keep sellers interested in online selling is cost reduction. Many sellers have to pay lots to maintain their physical store. They may need to pay extra up front costs like rent, repairs, store design, inventory etc.

How do you attract customers to your store? ›

How do you attract customers to your store?
  1. Offer doorbusters for new in-store customers.
  2. Send out promotion codes.
  3. Host events at your store location.
  4. Offer online shopping with in-store pickup.
  5. Create an eye-catching window display.
3 Aug 2021

How can I improve my online business? ›

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  1. Understand your target audience. ...
  2. Use analytics to learn how customers find your store. ...
  3. Find your unique selling proposition. ...
  4. Simplify customer experience. ...
  5. Focus on customer service. ...
  6. Provide a chat feature on your website. ...
  7. Create a simple checkout process.
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How can I sell better online? ›

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  1. Create an SEO Strategy. ...
  2. Pick the Right Ecommerce Platform. ...
  3. Reduce Friction. ...
  4. Don't Send Customers Away. ...
  5. Invest in Your Website. ...
  6. Live and Breathe Digital. ...
  7. Find Your Unique Selling Point. ...
  8. Make Your Website Secure.
18 Jun 2020

How do you manage an ecommerce website? ›

Here are some tips for managing a successful ecommerce business:
  1. Test everything. Testing is the only way to find out whether any changes you make are working. ...
  2. Email marketing. ...
  3. Optimize product listings. ...
  4. Have a comprehensive content marketing strategy. ...
  5. Stay on top of SEO. ...
  6. Work closely with social media.
7 May 2020

Why is traffic important in ecommerce? ›

This means the more people visit your website, the more potential customers you will be able to engage, allowing an increase in conversion rates, sales, brand awareness, lead generation, and more for your business.

How do I increase organic traffic on my ecommerce website? ›

What Are the Top 5 SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website?
  1. Keyword Research & Optimization.
  2. Website Structure.
  3. Content.
  4. Structured Data.
  5. Fixing Technical SEO Errors.

How do you attract customers with words? ›

20 Marketing Phrases to Attract Customers and Increase ROI
  1. Beautiful in Its Simplicity. Customers hate complexity and love simplicity, viewing it as a form of good customer service. ...
  2. Artistically Inspired. ...
  3. Enhance Your Life. ...
  4. Enhance Your Beauty. ...
  5. Never Looked so Good. ...
  6. Simply Awesome. ...
  7. Perfect From Beginning to End. ...
  8. Get Noticed.
23 Nov 2020

What can I do to improve my business? ›

Set clear goals

specific – state clearly what you want to achieve. measurable – make sure you can evaluate success. achievable – check your objective is something you have the time and resources to meet. relevant – make sure your objectives improve profit drivers and improve some part of your business.

How does e commerce get new customers? ›

eCommerce Customer Acquisition Techniques
  1. 1- Use the Facebook Audience Insights Tool.
  2. 2- Leverage the Power of Online Influencers.
  3. 3- Use Drip Email Marketing.
  4. 4- Apply Content Marketing.
  5. 5- Boost Your Organic Traffic via SEO.
  6. 6- Use the Best Platforms For Paid Ads.
  7. 7- Take The Help of Affiliate Marketing.
9 Aug 2020

How do you promote a product in a store? ›

You may upsell customers by emphasizing package deals for additional savings, promoting seasonal products they can try, and highlighting the features of your lesser-known selections. It is easy to market to customers and drive sales with clearly displayed and labeled storefront or digital signage.

How can I promote my online business on social media? ›

6 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media
  1. Run Contests on Social Media to Attract Attention. ...
  2. Advertise your product to reach wider. ...
  3. Run deals and promo codes on social media. ...
  4. Provide Social Proofs to build trust in your product. ...
  5. Share Creative Visual Content for Better Engagement.

What are the pros and cons of e-commerce? ›

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce
Eliminates the operating cost.Lack of personal touch.
It helps in connecting with people all across the world.It doesn't give the luxury of trying before buying the item.
Retargets the customers.Long delivery period.
2 more rows
6 Jan 2022

Which is one of the benefits e-commerce brings to consumers? ›

E-commerce customers and businesses can save time and money. Customers can find more products to choose from, and businesses also get a wider range of customers who can shop at their stores. E-commerce is not perfect, and customers may not be able to get their products as quickly as they could at a physical store.

How do you influence customers to buy your product? ›

7 Tricks to Convince the Client to Buy
  • Be natural and do not use scripts.
  • Ask about the clients' well-being.
  • Use names while talking with a client.
  • Prove that your products are better than those offered by competitors.
  • Keep initiating further conversation.
  • Specify the positive characteristics of the customer.
  • Act on emotions.
10 Mar 2020

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Here are 10 tried-and-true tips to help you attract more customers.
  1. Offer new customers discounts and promotions. ...
  2. Ask for referrals. ...
  3. Recontact old customers. ...
  4. Network. ...
  5. Update your website. ...
  6. Partner with complementary businesses. ...
  7. Promote your expertise. ...
  8. Take advantage of online ratings and review sites.
28 Feb 2020

What are 4 general ways to increase sales? ›

Increase the number of customers. Increase the average transaction size. Increase the frequency of transactions per customer. Raise your prices.

What is eCommerce design? ›

eCommerce design refers to the process of creating an online store for your company where you can target customers online and remotely sell to them.

Can I build my own eCommerce website? ›

For many new eCommerce owners, the easiest option by far is using a website builder that includes eCommerce options. Most website builders are designed with beginners top of mind, so anyone should be able to put a website together quickly and easily.

What is organic ecommerce? ›

Organic Ecommerce (OEC) provides custom development solutions specialised in the Magento 1 and 2 ecosystem. With over four years of comprehensive experience in Magento Module Development, we are committed to provide the highest quality extensions and services for our E-business customers.

How can I check traffic to my website for free? ›

For this, you can use free tools like Google Analytics to monitor your website's traffic and understand user behavior.
My top solutions include:
  1. SEMRush.
  2. Sitechecker Pro.
  3. SimilarWeb.
  4. SerpStat.
  5. SERanking.
  6. UberSuggest.
  7. WebCEO.

How do you measure website traffic? ›

Google Analytics is the best free tool in measuring website traffic and a good starting point for measuring your website's performance. All you need to do is to put the Google Analytics code on your website to get it to start tracking.

What should be as consistent as possible across the Web when developing a local SEO strategy? ›

Consistency is key when it comes to local SEO. You want to keep your contact information consistent across all of the directories where you are listed. This not only boosts your SEO, but also helps keep your branding correct. Your contact info should always include your name, address, and phone number, or NAP.

What drives organic traffic to retail? ›

Social media marketing is a powerful component to driving online traffic because it allows you to directly engage with your customers. So while you drive traffic to your website (e.g. homepage, a specific landing page, or other web pages), you simultaneously build a community for your customers.

How online stores can drive organic traffic? ›

Create detailed product descriptions

Detailed product descriptions are a proven way of increasing organic traffic for your products. However, you should take care of certain essentials while incorporating product descriptions. For example, product descriptions should include the right keywords.

How do you make people buy what you are selling? ›

7 Ways to Get People to Buy Your Products
  1. Drive Traffic to Your Website. ...
  2. Leave Perfect First Impressions & Encourage to Discover More Content. ...
  3. Build a Trust Relationship Between Your Brand and Customers. ...
  4. Convey the Benefits of Your Products More Than Features. ...
  5. Keep the Customers Engaged with Email Marketing.

What is the most powerful word in marketing? ›

7 Powerful Words in Advertising
  1. You. 'You' remains the most powerful word in advertising. ...
  2. Guarantee. 'Guarantee' is an influential word because it removes doubt. ...
  3. Safe or Safety. Consumers expect the products and services they buy to be safe. ...
  4. Best. ...
  5. Proven. ...
  6. Health or Healthy. ...
  7. Save.

What is the most important word in marketing? ›

"Relationship" is the most important word in marketing. The relationships you build with existing and potential customers are ultimately and uniquely what differentiates you from your competitors. The purpose of marketing is to help build business relationships with the right sort of people.

What makes a small business successful? ›

Successful small businesses are customer-focused, which means they understand the needs of their current customer bases. Satisfied customers can drive profits through repeat business and referrals.

What are the keys to a successful business? ›

Keys to success
  • Be organized. It won't be easier for you to make your business succeed if you are not organized. ...
  • Analyze your competitors. ...
  • Understand the risks and rewards. ...
  • Be consistent. ...
  • Hire the right employees. ...
  • Be willing to make sacrifices. ...
  • Be creative. ...
  • Keep detailed records.
16 Apr 2021

How should a business plan should be written and prepared? ›

Traditional business plan format
  1. Executive summary. Briefly tell your reader what your company is and why it will be successful. ...
  2. Company description. ...
  3. Market analysis. ...
  4. Organization and management. ...
  5. Service or product line. ...
  6. Marketing and sales. ...
  7. Funding request. ...
  8. Financial projections.

How do I attract customers to my eCommerce website? ›

9 Tips To Attract Maximum Customers to Your Ecommerce Store
  1. Have an eye-catching store. ...
  2. Build reputation before promoting your brand. ...
  3. Know the preferences of your target audience. ...
  4. Ensure good reviews and ratings for your products. ...
  5. Focus on the necessary details. ...
  6. Don't force visitors to register on your website.
19 Jan 2017

How do I get people to buy from my online store? ›

How to drive traffic to your online store
  1. Attract customers with a sales campaign.
  2. Target your audience on Facebook.
  3. Show off your business on Instagram.
  4. Lean into email marketing.
  5. Optimize your site for SEO.
  6. Utilize content marketing.
  7. Engage influencers or brand partners.
  8. Advertise on Google.
24 Oct 2022

How do I get customers to buy online? ›

25 Ways to Increase Online Sales
  1. Be Honest in Your Sales Copy. ...
  2. Get More Ad Clicks with Ad Extensions. ...
  3. Show Off Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals. ...
  4. Create a Sense of Urgency. ...
  5. Offer a Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee. ...
  6. Offer Fewer Choices. ...
  7. Target Lookalike Audiences on Facebook. ...
  8. Reduce Friction in the Checkout Process.
3 Feb 2016

How can I promote my online business on social media? ›

6 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media
  1. Run Contests on Social Media to Attract Attention. ...
  2. Advertise your product to reach wider. ...
  3. Run deals and promo codes on social media. ...
  4. Provide Social Proofs to build trust in your product. ...
  5. Share Creative Visual Content for Better Engagement.

How do I promote my ecommerce website UK? ›

How to promote an e-commerce website
  1. Use SEO strategies. An optimised site stands a much better chance of ranking highly in search engines. ...
  2. Run sales and promotions. ...
  3. Utilise social media. ...
  4. Run competitions. ...
  5. Reviews. ...
  6. Give out free samples. ...
  7. Paid advertising.

Is E-commerce a marketing? ›

What is ecommerce marketing? Ecommerce marketing is the act of driving awareness and action toward a business that sells its product or service electronically. Ecommerce marketers can use social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and facilitate purchases online.

How can I market my website in India? ›

What are the ways to market a new ecommerce website in India?
  1. Content Marketing Strategy. ...
  2. Search Engine Optimization. ...
  3. Efficient Blogging. ...
  4. Social Media Utility. ...
  5. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling. ...
  6. Automated Email Marketing. ...
  7. Paid Promotions. ...
  8. Product Reviews.

What are the best strategies for social media marketing? ›

10 Social-Media Marketing Strategies for Companies
  • Start using chatbots. ...
  • Create a personalized experience for your customers. ...
  • Create an efficient content marketing strategy. ...
  • Create a community for your audience. ...
  • Jazz up your profiles with a diverse content strategy. ...
  • Use brand advocates.
1 May 2017

How can I promote my business without social media? ›

Here are six ways the experts say you can promote your business and build your brand loyalty without relying on social media.
  1. Email Marketing Campaigns. ...
  2. Event Sponsorships. ...
  3. Search Engine Marketing and SEO. ...
  4. Streaming Platform Content. ...
  5. Mobile App Creation. ...
  6. Sponsored Ads on Retail Websites.
6 Dec 2021

Which one is the most effective means to promote a business online? ›

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is another one of the most important and effective types of digital marketing for promoting a product or business.

Why do you think it is important to introduce your business through online Why? ›

There are many benefits to promoting your products and services online, such as: enhanced flexibility in presenting items without the constraints of a physical store. increased reach of your business to potential customers. selling products and services or generating enquiries outside of business hours.

How do I start selling things online? ›

How to successfully sell online in 9 steps
  1. Find a niche or competitive angle.
  2. Establish your target audience.
  3. Decide which products to sell.
  4. Create an online store.
  5. Choose your sales channels.
  6. Set up payment processing.
  7. Choose your shipping methods.
  8. Promote your products.
7 Sept 2022

What is the most popular ecommerce platform in UK? ›

Shopify. Shopify Description: Shopify is currently by far the most popular (based on search volume) Ecommerce platform in the UK.

What is one of the e commerce business strategy? ›

Email marketing is a key strategy for promoting your ecommerce. It's a channel you own as it's not controlled by a big company like Facebook, Google or Amazon. This makes it cheaper and very reliable. All you have to do is choose an email marketing service.

How do I start an eCommerce business? ›

How to start an ecommerce business
  1. Find product opportunities and choose what to sell.
  2. Thoroughly research your competition and write a business plan.
  3. Choose a logo and name and set up your online store.
  4. Choose your shipping strategy and set sales and marketing goals.
  5. Launch your business.
11 Feb 2022

How can I improve my online business? ›

17 Strategies For Increasing Your Online Sales
  1. Understand your target audience. ...
  2. Use analytics to learn how customers find your store. ...
  3. Find your unique selling proposition. ...
  4. Simplify customer experience. ...
  5. Focus on customer service. ...
  6. Provide a chat feature on your website. ...
  7. Create a simple checkout process.
13 Nov 2020

How I can marketing my website? ›

How to promote your website
  • Solidify your website SEO.
  • Take advantage of email marketing.
  • Start a blog.
  • Try guest blogging.
  • Harness the power of social media.
  • Submit your site to online directories.
  • Post on forums.
  • Reach out with outreach marketing.
28 Dec 2020

How do I submit my website to online directories? ›

How To Properly Submit Your Website To Directories
  1. Make sure your site is completed. Fix all broken links. ...
  2. Find the correct category to be listed under. ...
  3. Submit the correct URL. ...
  4. Write an acceptable description of your site. ...
  5. Use the official title of your site.


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