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PMP Training In Dallas, TX - A Boot Camp Format

Our 4-Day Classroom, Instructor-Led Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Training Boot Camps are the ideal solution for project managers who are looking to acquire the PMP Certification. The core objective of this course is to adequately prepare Addison students for the PMP examination. By taking our PMP boot camp, taught by our own PMP certified trainers, you can be confident that the training experience will adequately prepare you to pass the PMP examination and receive your PMP certification in as little as 5 days. We guarantee it with our 100% money-back guarantee!

Niel S. - Dallas, TX

March, 2022

Did the 4-day course then took the exam two days later with overall above target scores including 4 of 5 areas! Worth the money to get the tips and lessons to understand the PMI test and method.

Achieving PMP Certification in Addison

Looking for more information about getting the PMP Certification in Addison? Visit our PMP Requirements page to learn everything you need to know to achieve PMP Certification in the Addison area. Click here if you arelooking for information about Addison area PMP Exam Testing Centers.

PMTI has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the PMI®

PMTI is an approved Premium PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP) and is authorized by PMI for PMP certification training licensed and endorsed by PMI. PMI ATP status is awarded to only established, high-quality, financially-sound project management education providers aligned to PMI core values, have mature business practices, and offer courses aligned to the PMI Talent Triangle. Training organizations that carry the PMI ATP Program Logo reflect PMI and thus must undergo an extensive evaluation of their companies to be admitted to the program.

About The PMP Certification Training Experience

When we refreshed our PMP Certification Training Experience, we wanted to stay true to our extremely successful classroom-style PMP Boot Camps. To accomplish this, we maintained the same time-tested regimen and PMP course itinerary that has been so successful over the past 19 years while using extremely feedback from our past customers to improve your PMP training experience. The results speak for themselves, but you don't have to take our word. Feel free to review our extensive customer reviews and learn why more people have trusted PMTI's classroom PMP certification training than any other over the past 17 years.

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Here's how it works.

You can begin your PMP Certification journey by gathering information about PMP certification requirements. After going through the PMP Success Guide, you may check your eligibility for PMP using our FREE PMP Eligibility Assessment Tool. If you feel you need to qualify for the PMP certification exam, you can send your resume to [emailprotected] for an initial consultation. It's a free service. You can also check out a junior-level project management certification, Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM) requirements. In addition to the course materials described below, you will have an in-person training course taught over four (4) consecutive days by an interactive instructor with whom you will be able to ask questions and who will strive to adapt and relate the training to experiences that you and your classmates have. During this course, you will earn and learn everything needed to apply, take, and pass the PMP exam. This course includes an extensive review of each of the five (5) process groups while straightforwardly weaving each of the ten (10) knowledge areas over the four (4) day course, the entire course itinerary below.

Here's what you need.

There are no required materials or prerequisite readings before to your PMP certification training experience. For the classroom, bring a snack or two to enjoy throughout the day. While our instructors do a great job of distilling the information, the material is intense, and your mind will need all the energy it can get. You will also need the right mindset. While most of our students pass the PMP Exam, the exam material is not trivial and will require your focus and engagement throughout the course. We don't call it a Boot Camp for no reason.

What does the PMP Training Course Include?

PMP Certification Training In Dallas, TX (3)

  • Customized Training Delivered by One of Our PMP Stalwarts
  • Our instructors have over 100 combined years of training towards PMP certification, and most hold multiple certifications from many institutions, in addition to PMI, including Program Management Professional(PgMP), Portfolio Management Professional(PfMP), PMI'S Risk Management Professional(PMI-RMP), PMI Scheduling Management(PMI-SP), and more. Throughout the course, your instructor will recognize your strengths and weaknesses and adapt the approach to your individual needs. All our PMP certification training classes in Addison include the following course material.

  • Hard & Digital Copies of All Four Proprietary PMTI PMP Classroom Training Books
    • PMP Exam Prep Blue Book
    • This full-color book is the leading guide and training book for the exam prep you will use during your 4-day PMP course. The Blue Book explains and provides practical examples of the five process groups and the ten knowledge areas covered in the PMP exam using adult accelerated learning techniques.

    • PMP Exam Prep Question Bank
    • This online question bank includes nearly 2000 PMP exam-type questions with answers, full explanations & reasoning, the knowledge area and process group that corresponds to the question, and references to locations in our training materials you can find relevant subject matter.

    • PMI Authorized PMP Exam Guide
    • This guidebook contains several examples of mastery builders that help pass the PMP exam. PMI provides this book to authorized training providers such as PMTI.

    • PMP Exam Prep Orange Book
    • The Orange Book is filled with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® Guide methodology templates that outline generally recognized best practices. This book provides precious templates for you to use in future projects.

  • Complimentary Online PMP Training Course
  • Our PMI-approved online training course satisfies the 35 project management educational contact hour requirement set by PMI to sit for the PMP exam. Our course lets you to schedule your PMP exam following your PMP Boot Camp. This course is available for free for six months from the course date.

  • Complete Recorded Video Set with Complete Course Material
  • Led by our Chief Training Officer, our complete classroom course has been recorded and is available online for your review and supplemental training needs.

  • Supplemental Key Topic Videos
  • Over 15 hours of supplemental training on key topics, ranging from Scope Management to Communications Management and everything in between, led by our Chief Training Officer.

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  • A PMP Certification Exam Diagnostic Exam
  • This 180-question diagnostic exam measures your readiness to take the PMP certification exam and enables our instructors to personalize your individual training experience to fit your needs.

  • Our Proprietary PMP Application Preparation Tool
  • This tool helps simplify the PMP application process and ensures the accuracy & completeness of your application.

  • A PMP Success Roadmap
  • The PMP certification process can be overwhelming. Our PMP Success roadmap is designed to assist you with time management, planning your training, and to ensuring you are confident in your path to PMP certification.

  • Memorization Math & Process Sheet
  • This memorization document has been developed by our PMP Professional Trainers over multiple iterations across thirteen years of the PMP Certification Exam to be a valuable assistance tool to help you prepare.

  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Our in-person or online class satisfies the required 35 contact hours of education. A course completion certificate will be issued for 40 contact hours.

  • Free 53 PDU's to Extend Your PMP Certification to 6 Years
  • After you complete your PMP certification process, we provide you with access to two online courses that give you an additional 53 PDU credits to allow you to maintain your PMP credentials for a supplemental three years after your first 3-year cycle.

  • PMTI Swag Bag
  • Your complimentary PMTI swag bag includes an assortment of goodies. From the free messenger bag to the luggage tag to the pens, Post-It Notes & Flags, you're sure to find something of value in your professional life.

PMP Certification Training In Dallas, TX (4)

Money-Back Guarantee*

Take the PMP certification exam with confidence. We've refined our training model over 19 years of preparing more than 80,000 professionals to pass the PMP certification exam, and we're continuously improving. We're proud of our pass rate (Based on reported PMP certification exam results by students) pass rate and we back it with our money-back guarantee. We assume all the risk. If you do not pass, we will refund your course fees*.

How Does Your Money-Back Guarantee Work?

All our Addison PMP certification classes come with a solid money-back guarantee. Our True Money-Back Guarantee is different. Some competitors hide how their guarantee works in the fine print and provide only partial refunds or allow you to only re-attend the class. Here's how our guarantee works:

If you fail the exam on your first (1st) attempt we will:

  • Analyze your PMP exam results
  • Provide you with a custom study Plan
  • Provide coaching through:
    • Online group tutoring
    • Phone & virtual conferencing support
    • Email communications with your instructor and our head of training

If you fail the exam on your second (2nd) attempt, we will:

  • Analyze your PMP exam results
  • Provide you with a custom study plan
  • Provide coaching through:
    • Online group tutoring
    • Phone & virtual conferencing support
    • Email Communications with your instructor and our head of training

If you fail the exam on the third (3rd) attempt, you have two options:

(Video) Bank Offering NO Minimum Credit Score, No Down Payment & NO PMI Loans To Home Buyers

  1. You may attend our course at no charge for one calendar year from the date of your third exam
  2. You may receive a refund of your enrollment fees minus any refunds or discounts.

You must take all three exams within ninety (90) calendar days from the course completion date.

*Learn more about our .

PMP Boot Camp Course Curriculum

Day One Outline

  • Kick-Off
    • Description of the exam and its environment
    • PMTI PMP exam strategies & tips, and tricks
  • Module 1 - Creating a High-Performing Team
    • Creating a High-Performing Team
    • Define Team Ground Rules
    • Build Shared Understanding
    • Negotiate Project Agreements
    • Empower Team Members and Stakeholders
  • Lunch Break
  • Day One Midday Exam
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 1 - Creating a High-Performing Team
    • Ensure Team Members and Stakeholders Are Trained
    • Engage and Support Virtual Teams
  • Module 2 - Starting The Project
    • Determine Appropriate Project Methodology/Methods and Practices
    • Plan and Manage Scope
  • Day One Evening Exam
    • Review of the PMP Exam Questions & Answers
  • Day One Sign-Off

Day Two Outline

  • Day One Concepts Review
  • Module 2 - Starting The Project
    • Plan and Manage Budget, and Resources
    • Plan and Manage Schedule
    • Plan and Manage Quality of Products/Deliverables
  • Lunch Break
  • Day Two Midday Exam
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 2 - Starting The Project
    • Integrate Project Planning Activities
    • Plan and Manage Procurement
    • Establish Project Governance Structure
    • Plan and Manage Project/Phase Closure
  • Day Two Evening Exam
    • Review of the PMP Exam Questions & Answers
  • Day Two Sign-Off

Day Three Outline

  • Day Two Concepts Review
  • Module 3 - Doing The Work
    • Assess and Manage Risks
    • Execute Project to Deliver Business Value
    • Manage Communications
    • Engage Stakeholders
    • Create Project Artifacts
  • Lunch Break
  • Day Three Midday Exam
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 3 - Doing The Work
    • Manage Project Changes
    • Manage Project Issues
    • Ensure Knowledge Transfer to Project Continuity
  • Module 4 - Keeping the Team on Track
    • Lead a Team
    • Support Team Performance
  • Day Three Evening Exam
    • Review of the PMP Exam Questions & Answers
  • Day Three Sign-Off

Day Four Outline

(Video) Get your PMP with texas training Centre

  • Day Three Concepts Review
  • Module 4 - Keeping The Team On Track
    • Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers
    • Manage Conflict
    • Collaborate with Stakeholders
    • Mentor Relevant Stakeholders
    • Apply Emotional Intelligence to Promote Team Performance
  • Lunch Break
  • Day Four Midday Exam
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 5 - Keeping the Business In Mind
    • Manage Compliance Requirements
    • Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value
    • Evaluate and Address Internal and External Business Environment Change
    • Support Organizational Change
    • Employ Continuous Process Improvement
  • Day Four Evening Exam
    • Review of the PMP Exam Questions & Answers
  • Day Four Sign-Off

PMP Certification Training In Dallas, TX (5)

Herman T. - Dallas, TX

October, 2022

The PMTI course was excellent! Just what I needed as a refresher. Joseph was excellent at facilitating the class. The class was necessarily fast paced, and information packed. I could not have passed the PMP exam within the timeframe that I did without the PMTI boot camp. I would recommend the course to anyone who is seriously looking to take and pass the PMP. The course delivered the results it promised, thanks Yad.

PMP Certification Training In Dallas, TX (6)

Kamille W. - Dallas, TX

Jan, 2023

Get experience and I would definitely recommend this boot camp for anyone who is interested in preparing for the PMP. Very good structure and support from this organization.

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