21 Great Ways to Wish Someone for the Upcoming Weekend (2023)

Who doesn’t like weekends? We all love weekends because we don’t have to set our alarm for the next day when they come.

We get better sleep on weekends because we know that we are free to do pointless things at our own pace.

That said, sending positive weekend wishes to the people we care about has become a usual practice – whether at work, at school, at home, or anywhere else.

So, today, we list down several happy-weekend wishes that you can use as you wish.

How to wish someone for the upcoming weekend

  1. Happy weekend!
  2. Have a great weekend!
  3. Have a nice weekend!
  4. Have an awesome weekend!
  5. Have a good weekend!
  6. Have a pleasant weekend!
  7. Have a wonderful weekend!
  8. Have a good one!
  9. Have a happy weekend!
  10. Have a lovely weekend!
  11. Have fun this weekend!
  12. Enjoy your weekend!
  13. Enjoy the weekend and party hard!
  14. I hope you have a great weekend.
  15. I wish you a great weekend.
  16. I hope you enjoy your weekend.
  17. Wishing you a great weekend.
  18. Please enjoy your weekend.
  19. I hope you enjoy your weekend.
  20. I hope you make the most out of your weekend.
  21. I wish you a good weekend with your family.

Casual expressions for wishing someone well for the upcoming weekend

21 Great Ways to Wish Someone for the Upcoming Weekend (1)

People say “if wishes were fishes we’d all swim in riches” all the time. Therefore, we had better pay extra attention to the expressions we use when wishing someone well.

Knowing which expression matches the context of the conversation is a good skill to have. It helps us convey our thoughts more effectively.

In the context of today’s discussion, knowing several easy ways to wish someone well for an upcoming weekend is also recommended.

More so, knowing how to appropriately respond to these goodwill wishes maintains our relationship with people.

So, here are thirteen common ways to wish someone for an upcoming weekend, together with context and examples for better understanding.

If you read until the end, you will also learn some formal alternatives that you can use in business correspondence.

1. Happy weekend!

“Happy weekend!” is a great phrase. It is casual and easy to use in most, if not all, spoken and casual writing contexts.

We mainly use “happy weekend” among close friends and large audiences. For example, TV hosts and reporters make use of this as a parting message at the end of their show.


Talkshow host: Stay tuned for more exciting stories next week. Happy weekend!

2. Have a great weekend!

“Have a great weekend!” is a simple, non-pretentious goodwill expression too. You can never go wrong with this expression because people use this all the time.

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As an example, you can use “Have a great weekend!” when we are about to part ways with a friend who helped us do some task.


Ben: Thanks for helping me out, Julia. Have a great weekend!

Julia: I will. You too.

3. Have a nice weekend!

“Have a nice weekend!” is definitely a great phrase as well. The simple yet warm connotation of this expression is great for appreciating someone’s time.

Feel free to use “Happy weekend!” after hanging out with your friend on a Friday afternoon at the coffee shop or park.

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Reese: Thanks for your time today. Have a nice weekend!

Cynthia: Same goes for you!

4. Have an awesome weekend!

If you want to suggest the meaning “epic” or “remarkable,” you may also use “Have an awesome weekend!”

With this expression, you can convey more excitement towards the other person. You may use this after working the whole day with your close colleague.


Andrew: Workweek’s finally done. Have an awesome weekend, Bill!

Bill: Same goes for you, Andrew.

5. Have a good weekend!

Another popular phrase, “Have a good weekend!” is also something you would hear all the time across all contexts.

You may use “Have a good weekend!” when parting ways with a friend or any intimate to make them feel good about their short vacation.


Suzy: See you Monday, Gina. Have a good weekend!

Gina: Thanks. You too, Suzy.

6. Have a pleasant weekend!

Of course, we can’t miss the phrase “Have a pleasant weekend!” Especially if you want to be a bit subtle and warm to your message receiver, the adjective “pleasant” is a good choice.

Don’t hesitate to use “Have a pleasant weekend!” after receiving some form of help from your friend or relative.


Elize: Appreciate your help today, Anna. Have a pleasant weekend!

Anna: You’re welcome. You too.

7. Have a wonderful weekend!

Just like “Have a pleasant weekend!” earlier, “Have a wonderful weekend!” also comes with a polite and warm tone.

The use of the rather longer adjective “wonderful” suggests a higher degree of formality, which is great for work-related settings.


Carl: Let’s call it a day. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Everyone: Thanks. See you Monday!

8. Have a good one!

Communication is context-bound. This means we can simply replace the word “weekend” with “one” if the context tells you so.

In this case, “Have a good one!” is a great expression to use if you have already made some reference to the word “weekend” beforehand.


Penny: You’re going out this weekend, right? Have a good one, Sam!

Sam: Yeah. Will do! Thanks.

9. Have a happy weekend!

Meanwhile, “Have a happy weekend!” is simply a more complete version of “Happy weekend” which was introduced early on.

You may use “Have a happy weekend!” when talking with your workmates after a long day of work on a Friday. This should cheer your workmates up.


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Walter: I can’t wait to get home. Have a happy weekend, Vicky!

Vicky: Me too. See you next week!

10. Have a lovely weekend!

If you wish to sound a bit more delicate and sweet to your message receiver, “Have a lovely weekend!” should be a suitable choice.

This expression is suitable when talking with someone who is not necessarily an authority figure, just like close friends and peers.


Sylvia: Today has been great. Have a lovely weekend, Sarah!

Sarah: Thank you. You too, Sylvia!

11. Have fun this weekend!

In cases where we know the other person is going to have fun on the upcoming weekend because he or she has told you so, you may also go with “Have fun this weekend!”

Especially if the person has shared that he or she will be doing some enjoyable activity like hanging out with friends, you can never go wrong with this expression.


Dylan: I remember you’re meeting your friends this Saturday. Have fun this weekend!

Beth: Yes, we’re going to the beach. Have fun, too!

12. Enjoy your weekend!

In case you want to say something a bit more easygoing, you may also just go with “Enjoy your weekend!”

“Enjoy your weekend!” is something you would say to someone close enough like classmates and same-level colleagues.


Celine: We did great today, Pam. Enjoy your weekend!

Pam: Yeah right. Enjoy yours too!

13. Enjoy the weekend and party hard!

We all know that many people love parties on weekends. So, if you have a friend who enjoys partying, you can simply tell him or her “Enjoy the weekend and party hard!”

This expression is likely suitable with younger-generation message receivers because they are the ones who are most likely to work hard and party harder at the same time.


Terese: Way to go, everyone! Enjoy the weekend and party hard!

Everyone: Thanks. Bye!

Formal expressions for wishing someone well for the upcoming weekend (in emails)

21 Great Ways to Wish Someone for the Upcoming Weekend (6)

Sending goodwill wishes is not only limited to weekends as it could go beyond just like when we celebrate anniversaries at work.

Some of the very best work anniversary wishes are those containing genuine gratitude messages. This act is important because it strengthens working relationships.

Meanwhile, writing a thank you reply for anniversary wishes also entails both warmth and politeness. This should help convey the writer’s heartfelt response.

Sometimes, we would also feel like wanting to use more formal weekend wishes within professional settings.

So, here are some great formal ways to wish someone for an upcoming weekend in business correspondence.

14. I hope you have a great weekend.

“I hope you have a great weekend” is great for well-wishing through emails. With its complete structure and plain connotation, no one should be misinterpreting its meaning.

We might be tempted to add the adverb “ahead” in this phrase. But, this word is better omitted because its meaning is already implied through context.

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Here’s how “I hope you have a great weekend” can be used as a closing statement in a business email:


Dear Ronald,

Thank you for the files, and thank you for the work you have done this week.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Kind regards,


15. I wish you a great weekend.

Likewise, “I wish you a great weekend” is also a good choice when it comes to email writing because of its simple yet formal tone.

You may use this expression after thanking someone or some people for their participation in an event held on a Friday.

Like “ahead,” we may also want to include the phrase “to come” after “weekend” in this expression. However, this phrase is better dropped as well.


Dear All,

Thank you for your participation in today’s event. It wouldn’t have been successful without all the organizers’ efforts.

I wish you a great weekend!



16. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Another simple goodwill expression is “I hope you enjoy your weekend.” This goes well with appreciation or gratitude email messages.

At times, we might be tempted to use the word “upcoming” before “weekend.” However, this word is also disposable and better left out just like “ahead” and “to come” earlier.


Dear Charlie,

I just wanted to say that you have been an amazing speaker today. Thank you for your time and effort.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Best regards,


17. Wishing you a great weekend.

To slightly reduce the formality level of your goodwill expression, you may also drop your subject and use the progressive tense.

“Wishing you a great weekend” is a great choice when your relationship with your email recipient is strong enough.

To achieve a higher level of politeness, you may use “I wish you a great weekend” or “I hope you have a great weekend” instead.


Dear Helen,

This week has been really productive. Thanks to you and your team.

Wishing you a great weekend!



18. Please enjoy your weekend.

Another possible way of expressing goodwill to your colleagues and business associates is “Please enjoy your weekend.”

This expression becomes suitable when the week’s schedule has been tighter than usual, yet you still managed to accomplish your tasks.

This one also works better with gratitude messages to business associates.


Dear Sally,

Given how hectic work has been this week, I am really happy about what we have accomplished. We couldn’t have done it without your help. So, thank you very much.

Please enjoy your weekend!



19. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Easy and direct, “I hope you enjoy your weekend” is also a great way to close your email. Emails containing positive news can benefit from this expression.

When a boss cancels a meeting and lets his or her staff go home early, “I hope you enjoy your weekend” becomes highly suitable.


(Video) Weekend Wishes 05 14 21 - #contribution

Dear team,

I really appreciate all the hardwork you have done this week. For that, I am canceling our 5 pm weekly meeting today. Please go home early.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Kind regards,


20. I hope you make the most out of your weekend.

If you also feel like making your expression a bit more idiomatic, feel free to use “I hope you make the most out of your weekend.”

Likewise, this statement goes well with brief appreciation email messages at the end of the week to people at work.


Dear Calvin,

It has been a pleasure working with you this week. Thank you very much for your support, and I hope you make the most out of your weekend.

See you Monday!Kind regards,


21. I wish you a good weekend with your family.

At times, the other person may let you know his or her weekend’s activity. This may happen when certain appointments with you are affected.

Maybe your appointment with the person gets canceled or rescheduled for some valid family-related reason, and he or she tells you in advance about it.

When this happens, “I wish you a good weekend with your family” is apparently a great choice.


Dear Coach Shaun,

I hope all is well with you too. Thank you for informing us about the schedule change in advance.

I wish you a good weekend with your family. See you Tuesday instead!

Kind regards,


Frequently Asked Questions on “How to wish someone for the upcoming weekend”

Do you say “happy weekend” or “happy weekends”?

The usual expression in wishing someone directly to have a happy weekend is “Happy weekend” and not “Happy weekends.” “Happy weekends” is mainly used in declarative statements such as this: The many happy weekends they have spent together are now over.

Should you use “weekends” for multiple people?

Although you are directing your message to multiple people at once, you still have to use the singular form “weekend” because the same weekend applies to everyone. There is no need to pluralize “weekend” for the sake of making it apply to “each” person involved.

How do you wish someone a happy weekend professionally?

Using a complete sentence format as in “I wish you a great weekend” or “I hope you have a good weekend” rather than shortened ones would be professional.


Whether we like it or not, wishing someone a great, happy, good, or nice weekend has already become part of our routine for the most part.

For that matter, saying good things to others for the upcoming weekend is not only a form of “relationship buffer” but also somehow a responsibility.

Hope you have an epic weekend!

21 Great Ways to Wish Someone for the Upcoming Weekend (7)

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How do you wish someone for the upcoming weekend? ›

I hope your weekend will be very much enjoyable. May the little vacation bring happiness and peace for you. Wishing you the best weekend! Have a great weekend!

How do you reply to weekend wishes? ›

"Same to you." "You too." "I wish you, too."

How do you wish someone a nice weekend formal? ›

For example, we could say “I wish you a happy weekend.” This would be grammatically correct, although it would sound a bit formal.

How do you say hope you had a good weekend professionally? ›

If you're writing an email on a Friday, you can say, 'I hope you have a great weekend'. Other expressions can be, 'Have a great day'. Or you can begin the email with saying, 'I hope you are well,' or ' I hope you're enjoying your day or you enjoyed your weekend.

Did you have a good weekend reply? ›

It was nice, thanks. I didn't actually do very much, but it was quite relaxing. I didn't feel so great, actually, so I didn't do very much. (Notice that 'thanks' is often included in the response.)

What are different ways to say weekend? ›

What is another word for weekend?
long weekendbreak
day offrecess
personal dayouting
18 more rows

How do you say have a great weekend ahead? ›

Just saying “Have a good weekend,” is sufficient. It is implied that you are referring to the weekend ahead (next weekend), so that doesn't need to be explicitly stated. Also, you can substitute your favorite adjective for “good”: “great”, “wonderful”, “outstanding”, etc.

How do you wish someone casually? ›

Informal Greetings
  1. Hi!
  2. Hey, Heya or Hey there!
  3. Morning! A more casual way of saying “Good morning.”
  4. How are things?
  5. What's new?
  6. It's good to see you. As you may have assumed, this one is used when you haven't seen someone in a while.
  7. G'day! This is short for “Good day,” typically used in Australia.
  8. Howdy!

How do you wish short? ›

Short & Sweet Birthday Messages
  1. “Hope all your birthday wishes come true!”
  2. “It's your special day — get out there and celebrate!”
  3. “Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today.”
  4. “I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!”
  5. “Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!”
7 Jan 2022

What is the short for weekend? ›

Noun. w/e (plural w/es) Initialism of week ending. Abbreviation of weekend. quotations ▼

What is the short version of weekend? ›

Days of the Week
days of the week (7 days)weekdays (5 days)Thu.
weekend (2 days)Sat.
3 more rows

How do you use the word weekend in a sentence? ›

Example Sentences

The office is closed on weekends. I'm going away for the weekend. She won a weekend in Cancun. Verb Her family weekends on the coast during the summer.

How do you wish someone a good weekend in an email? ›

On the other hand, if you are signing off some correspondence, such as an email, then Wishing you a happy weekend is more appropriate. To use *Wish you a happy weekend you need to add I to make the sentence grammatical. i.e. I wish you a happy weekend.
3 Answers
  1. Have a good weekend.
  2. Have a nice weekend.
  3. etc.
7 Jan 2012

Is it professional to say have a great weekend? ›

“Thank you”, “Have a great weekend”, “We appreciate your business”, or “Thank you for your time” are appropriate and add a nice touch to the end of the communication. You do not have to be overly formal, but do not want to be too casual either.

What does a pleasant week ahead mean? ›

What does Hope you have a nice week ahead mean? See a translation · It literally means "I hope that your week will be good." · Mam nadzieje ze ... Feb 28, 2022 ...

What is another word for best wishes? ›

synonyms for best wishes
  • compliments.
  • felicitations.
  • greetings.
  • hail.
  • give a 'hear-hear'
  • good going.
  • good wishes.
  • good work.

What is a cool way to wish a friend? ›

Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
  1. Happy birthday to my favorite person.
  2. My life would suck without you.
  3. Today is all about you.
  4. Wishing you a day that's as special and awesome as you are!
  5. Happy birthday! ...
  6. Life is more fun with you by my side.
  7. Happy birthday to my totally amazing, irreplaceable bestie.
20 Apr 2022

What is a good formal email for a weekend? ›

You can also substitute “Have a great weekend” or “Have a great holiday.” Communicating with someone you don't know very well? In most cases, it's better to be polite than casual. Again, fill in the blank with whatever is appropriate: “Enjoy your day,” “Enjoy your weekend,” etc.

How do you start a weekend email? ›

If You Need Something Formal
  1. Allow Me to Introduce Myself.
  2. Good afternoon.
  3. Good morning.
  4. How are you?
  5. Hope this email finds you well.
  6. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
  7. I hope you're doing well.
  8. I hope you're having a great week.
1 Mar 2022

How do you tell someone to have a great weekend? ›

Have a nice weekend; have a wonderful weekend; have a good weekend; have a great weekend. Any of these are common. If you're saying, “Have a happy weekend,” that's what you would say.

What does it mean to have a good week ahead? ›

This means the person telling you this is wishing you to enjoy all the days, during the next week. He/she may or may not meet or contact you, the following week. This is one way of wishing you to enjoy the following week.

How do you tell someone to keep in touch professionally? ›

How do you send a “keep in touch” email?
  1. Come up with a specific topic, date, and time.
  2. Attach a useful resource.
  3. Mention familiar challenges.
  4. Congratulate them after a promotion/event.
  5. Reference a piece of their content.
  6. Offer some advice they could try out.
  7. Ask for important information.
13 Aug 2020

How do you say Kind regards? ›

Examples of proper ways to end an email
  1. Formal (business): Yours sincerely; Sincerely.
  2. Semi-formal: With best regards; With kindest regards; Warmest regards.
  3. Informal: Regards; Kind regards; Best regards.
  4. Personal: Yours truly; Cheers; Love.
23 Sept 2022

How do you write a good first sentence? ›

6 Tips for Writing a Memorable Opening Line
  1. Start in the middle of a story. The first lines don't have to begin with long descriptions of a room's appearance or a character's personality. ...
  2. Open with a mystery. ...
  3. Flash back to the past. ...
  4. Describe the current state of affairs. ...
  5. Set the tone. ...
  6. Start with a voice.
8 Nov 2021

What are some formal greetings? ›

Formal Greetings
  • Hello!
  • Hi there.
  • Good morning.
  • Good afternoon.
  • Good evening.
  • It's nice to meet you.
  • It's a pleasure to meet you. As you may have assumed, these last two only work when you are meeting someone for the first time. We hope you enjoy putting these new English greetings to use!

How do you write a warm greeting in an email? ›

6 strong ways to start an email
  1. 1 Dear [Name] This email greeting is an appropriate salutation for formal email correspondence. ...
  2. 2 Hi or Hello. As far as email greetings go, an informal “Hi” followed by a comma is perfectly acceptable in most work-related messages. ...
  3. 3 Hi everyone, Hi team, or Hi [department name] team.
2 Jun 2022


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