12 Apps for Renting a Car (2023)

Renting a car used to be a huge headache, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs with busy schedules and a need to reduce costs. However, that was before the advent of car rental apps.

Now, this convenient mobile software makes it quick, easy, and affordable to rent a car from anywhere, whether it’s for a personal road trip or an extended business trip. These popular apps fill a need in the market, as lower car ownership has led to an increased demand for car rentals and car-sharing.

How Car Rental Apps Can be Beneficial to Your Business

How can using a car rental app benefit your business? Rental car apps are popular for a variety of reasons, most of which ultimately lead to saved time and money, both scarce commodities for many entrepreneurs.

Not convinced? Rental car apps can benefit a small business owner in the following ways:

  • Convenience – Renting a car from a mobile app means a busy small business owner can perform the task anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. Not only can they rent a vehicle with a car rental app, but many of the apps will also allow them to manage reservations.
  • Savings – Finding the best possible deal on a rental car is simple with car rental apps. Some companies will offer promotional pricing to app users, while other car rental apps will search for the best deals across a wide variety of providers.
  • Flexibility – By using a car rental app, users can access the largest selection of vehicles with the widest array of options. Some options, such as monitoring a vehicle’s performance, are only available to those who complete their car rental through a mobile app.
  • Security – Most car rental apps use advanced encryption technology to protect users’ data, and by storing payment information in their cloud-based app, users can complete multiple rentals without the need to reenter personal and financial information.

Best Rental Car Apps for Businesses in 2022

With so many options from which to choose, how can a small business owner decide which are the best car rental apps? We scoured the market and reviewed current rental car apps and their features to determine the 12 best car rental apps in 2022.

1. Zipcar

12 Apps for Renting a Car (1)


Zipcar has been called the quickest and easiest way to rent a car. Users can reserve cars on a daily and hourly basis, and the app saves them money by including gas and insurance in the cost of rental cars. Zipcar stands apart in the market since it also is a car-sharing app, and users book round-trip cars from individuals to fulfill their travel needs. The app features a variety of vehicles to rent, including cars, vans, sedans, hybrids and more.

2. Turo Car Rentals

The Turo app lets users rent cars from private car owners in their communities. As the largest car rental marketplace, Turo provides its customers with variety, flexibility and convenience when they book cars using the app. In fact, this great app features a list of more than 800 different cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles – even a classic VW bus – all available to rent from local hosts. The Turo app even features a chatbot feature to facilitate improved communication during the transaction.

3. Enterprise Rent-A-Car App

12 Apps for Renting a Car (2)

One of the best car rental apps for iOS and Android users, the Enterprise Rent-a-Car app makes it simple and convenient to rent a car from a company people have trusted for decades. The Enterprise app displays maps showing the nearest and most convenient rental locations, plus plenty of useful information about the rental cars with user-friendly filters to help locate the perfect car rentals for your needs.

4. Getaround App

Another on-demand car rental app, Getaround is known to be similar to – but more affordable than – Turo. Users can rent cars from private car owners on an hourly or a daily basis. The Getaround mobile app for car rentals offers choices in vehicles ranging from a basic Toyota to a sporty BMW, and the cars can be unlocked with the renter’s phone, creating a seamless transaction. A car owner also can use the same app to host rentals and earn money, listing vehicles as part of the fleet to launch their own carsharing business.

5. Skyscanner App

12 Apps for Renting a Car (3)

Some of the best apps serve multiple functions. Primarily used to book flights, users can also employ the Skyscanner app to book a rental car. The app makes business travel more convenient, since users can book multiple aspects of their trip from the same platform, and the low car rental rates will save them money. The app also provides useful details about the cars available to rent, including information such as insurance details and fuel policies.


6 Hertz Car Rental App

Are you a Hertz Gold member? You can manage and redeem your reward points directly through the Hertz car rental app. Of course, all qualified drivers can rent a car through the popular Hertz app, which provides users all the information about their rental… even when they are offline. The sophisticated Hertz app even boasts a feature that helps users find the best parking spots much like the best parking app. Business owners can take advantage of the savings they can find using the Hertz app since it also features special offers on rentals and even roadside assistance for its users.

7. Expedia App

12 Apps for Renting a Car (4)

Both Apple and Android users can rely on the Expedia app for booking flights, hotels and car rentals, as well as other travel and recreational activities. Not only does booking a car rental using the Expedia app makes planning business travel easy, but users can save money with exclusive deals and a loyalty rewards program. It’s easy to accumulate points when booking various aspects of a trip using the Expedia app.

8. Kayak App

Entrepreneurs easily can organize multiple aspects of their business travel from one place by using the Kayak app to book their flights and car rentals. Also available offline to save battery life, the mobile app offers secure booking because it can save rental details and payment information for future reservations. The app also helps users navigate around airports, hospitals and restaurants with step-by-step directions.

9. Budget Car Rental App

12 Apps for Renting a Car (5)

The app for Budget Car Rental offers users many of the same features as other popular car rental apps, but it also provides the opportunity to rent larger vehicles like cargo vans for transporting property from one place to another – great for moving to a new apartment. One of the most affordable mobile car rental apps in the United States or Canada, Budget Car Rental customers can also use the platform to rent a car, a truck, an SUV or a hatchback, and they can view all their rental details from the app.

10. Priceline App

People have been relying on Priceline for booking affordable flights, lodging and car rentals for years. The company now features a mobile app where users can book their rides with ease. Not only can they use the Priceline app to book their rental, however, but the travel service offers the best available deals from a variety of rental companies, whether the car is an economy or luxury vehicle.

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11. Alamo Rent a Car App

12 Apps for Renting a Car (6)

The Alamo car rental app makes it simple to find the right type of rental vehicle, whether it’s a small economy-sized car or a large SUV to transport all your family members. The app clearly displays certain rental details, such as how many passengers a vehicle will carry, its gas mileage, and even how many suitcases it will hold. Users can save time when picking up their rentals by using the app to pre-enter their personal information. Users also can save money by registering for an Alamo Insider account.

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12. CarRentals App

Want to make sure you’re getting the best possible car rental rate? Users of the CarRentals app are able to see the lowest rates across every major car rental agency and platform all in the same location. Called the simplest and quickest way to book a car, the CarRentals mobile app offers the ability to rent a large variety of automobiles, including electric cars and 4-wheel drive vehicles. The app stores driver details, making it even easier to use it for future reservations.

How to Choose the Best Car Rental Company

Those are some impressive options, but which car rental app is the best? Every users’ needs will vary, so it’s important to consider the following when choosing the best car rental company for you.

  • What type of car do you need? Not every car rental app offers the same car type. Are you looking for a small sedan, a truck, a luxury vehicle or even a cargo van? You’ll find a mobile app to meet your needs. Some apps will even offer features like performance improvements in certain rental vehicles.
  • Do you need roadside assistance? If you want to have access to roadside assistance during your rental period, look for a car rental app that offers this feature.
  • What about liability insurance? While some car rental apps include liability insurance with their rentals, others sell it for an additional cost while others might not offer it at all. Be aware of this possible need when choosing the best car rental app.
  • Where is the location? Where will you need to pick up and drop off your rental vehicle? Look for a car rental app that includes the most convenient pickup location and drop locations for your business trip or vacation.
  • What is your budget? Because different car rental apps feature different types of vehicles and different services, the cost of a rental car can vary greatly between them. Are you looking for a budget rental, or did you want to splurge on a luxury vehicle? Choose the car rental app accordingly.

What is the most popular car rental app?

What is the best app for renting a car? One of the most popular car-sharing apps is Turo because the app features the largest car rental marketplace. Not only does this give customers a great deal of flexibility and plenty of choices near them, but Turo users either can pick up their cars or have them delivered. Car owners even can share their vehicles through the Turo app‘s carsharing feature for extra passive income.

What app lets you rent someone’s car?

Some car rental apps allow car owners to post their own vehicles for rent on the marketplace. The Turo app features the largest carsharing business marketplace, but other great options for renting someone’s car include the Getaround app and Zipcar.

What is the easiest place to rent a car from?

The best car rental app depends largely on the user’s primary goal. Are you looking for the most user-friendly platform, the easiest rental experience or the lowest cost? One of the easiest rental car apps to use and save is the CarRentals mobile app because it helps users access inventories from all other major platforms combined.

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What apps are good for renting cars? ›

The Best Car Rental Apps
  • Turo.
  • Hertz.
  • Free2Move.
  • Enterprise.
  • Getaround.
  • Rental 24h.
  • Share Now.
  • Avis Car Rental.
21 Dec 2021

What is the easiest company to rent a car from? ›

SIXT is one of the most renowned car rentals across the world and most definitely also one the easiest and fastest car rental companies in the US. If you are looking to make an entry in style, SIXT is your company because they provide the most premium cars at affordable rates.

What app has the cheapest rental cars? ›

Budget is another well-known name in the industry and our pick for the best cheap car rental service and app.

Can Cashapp be used to rent a car? ›

You can only rent a car with a Cash App card if the rental company accepts Visa debit cards. If they do, you will also need to provide three forms of identification, plus two forms that will verify your address such as bills or bank statements.

How do I avoid getting ripped when renting a car? ›

20 Car Rental Tips to Keep You from Getting Ripped Off
  1. Compare prices.
  2. Book as early as possible.
  3. Check Priceline after step 2.
  4. Decline extra rental car insurance.
  5. Bring your own GPS, toll pass and car seat.
  6. Don't pay extra for satellite radio.
  7. Beware pre-pay gas options.
24 Oct 2022

What is cheaper than a car rental? ›

10 Alternatives to Car Rentals
  • Ride-hailing. Depending on how much you need to drive around once you arrive at your destination, you may consider using a service like Uber or Lyft instead of renting a car. ...
  • Borrow a Friend's or Family Member's Car. ...
  • Rent an RV. ...
  • Public Transportation. ...
  • Zipcar. ...
  • Turo. ...
  • Avail. ...
  • Getaround.
14 Nov 2021

What is the best rental car company 2022? ›

The Enterprise named the best car rental car company in North America. The next three companies on the list—National, Alamo and Hertz also came in above the industry average.

What app is cheaper than Turo? ›

Why Zipcar is a Great Alternative to Turo. Zipcar is the perfect option for people who only need a rental car for a short period. You can rent by the hour or day, making it convenient and affordable. Another thing that makes Zipcar stand out from Turo is its one-way rentals.

Is it cheaper to rent a car in advance or on the spot? ›

While a bit more of a gamble, procrastinating can sometimes save you money. NerdWallet found that rental car prices tend to be cheaper when booked one week in advance of the reservation date versus three months in advance.

How can I get a discount on a rental car? ›

If you're looking for a discount car rental

Being a member of an organization or a wholesale club often provides more benefits than just discounts on products or services. AAA, AARP and Costco all provide car rental discounts to their members. If you're not a member, search for a vehicle on AutoSlash.

Is it better to book a rental car directly? ›

Renting online can save you money.

First, you can often find better deals if you book in advance, which isn't an option when you're booking on the spot at the airport. When you book online, you can more easily compare rates via travel booking websites.

Is it better to book a car rental in advance? ›

While it is possible to reserve at the last minute, it is a better idea to reserve your car rental about 3 months in advance. There are two main reasons for this: 1- When you book early, you are sure to have the car you want on the dates you want.

Which rental car company does not require a credit card? ›

Which rental car companies do not require a credit card? All of the major U.S. rental car companies have non-credit card payment options at certain rental locations, including Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Payless, SIXT, Thrifty, and Turo.

Can I use chime credit card to rent a car? ›

Yes, you can rent a car with your Chime Credit Card. Just keep in mind that you need to have enough available credit to cover the hold the rental agency will put on your card.

Can you rent car with prepaid credit card? ›

Yes, you can typically use a debit card, a prepaid card or even cash to rent a car. However, each rental company has its own rules about acceptable payment options – which often vary by location – and not paying by credit card often carries certain ramifications.

What are the risks of renting a car? ›

There are several bad things that can happen to car renters in California:
  • Third Party Liability. Damaging someone else (bodily injury or property damage) and getting sued by the injured person. ...
  • Theft if renter is careless. ...
  • Collision/Loss for whatever reason. ...
  • Personal Accident Medical Costs. ...
  • Personal Effects Loss.

Why is renting a car so hard right now? ›

That is because the shortage of semiconductor chips that has held up auto manufacturing persists, leaving rental car companies to operate with lower inventory after they sold off chunks of their fleets in the early days of the pandemic.

What happens if you dirty a rental car? ›

If a driver returns a car that is particularly dirty, the rental company will spend longer cleaning it, and they may even have it professionally valeted elsewhere. This cost is passed on to the driver as a cleaning fee or valeting fee.

Is renting a car worth it? ›

The monthly cost is often lower than a traditional auto loan payment. You are (usually) not responsible for repairs needed on your car for the length of the lease or rental. Renting or leasing a new-model car is cheaper than buying one. You don't need to try to sell the car when you want to upgrade.

Is Turo cheaper than rental car companies? ›

Turo appears to be cheaper than conventional renting agencies. However, guests must create an account and pass the verification stage before calculating the additional fees at checkout. When the extra fees are added to the base price, Turo prices can potentially exceed rental agency prices.

Will rental car prices go down in 2022? ›

While prices have slightly dipped from those highs, they're still higher every month so far in 2022 than before the pandemic. But not all rental car prices are created equal, even if the rental car is otherwise the same.

What color car rents out the most? ›

Silver is a popular colour for rental vehicles.

What color car is most rented? ›

Grayscale colors (white, black, gray, and silver) represent a total of 78.5% of all vehicles on the road in the United States. White sits atop the list as the most popular choice.

What color are most rental cars? ›

Now, most people would agree that a white surface reflects more heat than a dark surface. I.e white rental cars are generally cooler than dark coloured cars.

How do I get the best car rental deal in 2022? ›

5 Best Tips For Renting Cars in 2022
  1. How Much to Rent a Car?
  2. #1 Compare Prices On Car Rental Websites.
  3. #2 Look Beyond Price Per Day.
  4. #3 Book a Weekly Car Rental for a Better Rate.
  5. #4 Avoid Renting Car At Airport.
  6. #5 Use a Credit Card to Cover Rental Car Insurance.
  7. Bonus Rental Car Advice: Check Parking Fees At Accommodations.
18 Dec 2021

What are best dates to rent a car? ›

Booking three to six months before you travel is usually ideal. Prices tend to be most competitive during this period. There isn't much benefit to booking further ahead. If anything, prices tend to be higher a year ahead.

Do car rentals get more expensive closer to the date? ›

“At non-peak times when there is good availability, prices can get cheaper the closer you get to the start date of the rental. However, if you leave it too late you can miss out,” he says. “My advice is always to book if you are happy with the price.”

How do I avoid Turo fees? ›

To reduce the trip fee of your Turo booking, you can select a cheaper vehicle to rent. With countless vehicles to choose from, there might be a similar vehicle available with a lower trip fee. By choosing a vehicle with a lower value, you can drastically reduce your trip fee and overall rental price.

Can Turo be trusted? ›

Turo is, so far, one of the main alternatives to traditional car rental companies. It has an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the BBB. In addition, Turo has a Trustpilot score of four out of five stars. Turo can be trusted by owners and renters.

Whats cheaper Getaround or Zipcar? ›

People usually prefer Getaround (previously known as City CarShare) over Zipcar. Getaround offers the best value for money; however, Zipcar includes gas; therefore, some are inclined to choose them instead. However, at times the gas incentive is not enough to entice potential customers.

What time of day is cheapest to rent a car? ›

The best time of the day to rent a car online is early mornings, like really early. That way, you can take all the time you need before deciding on a car and price point within your budget.

Is it better to rent a car in the morning or afternoon? ›

Make sure you get to the car rental agency early in the day. If you arrive before noon, there's a good chance you'll get a wider selection of vehicles at a better price.

Is it better to rent a car at the airport or online? ›

Outmaneuver Fees and Industry Quirks

For example, cars rented at the airport are almost always more expensive because of added taxes and fees. Rent at an off-airport location and you could save 20 percent or more.

Who is cheaper Hertz or Enterprise? ›

Is Hertz cheaper than Enterprise? We ran multiple quote comparisons and by large, found Enterprise to be more expensive than Hertz. Prices differed from $70 to up $200 for both prepay and pay on pick-up options.

How do I get good discount at Enterprise? ›

Use a corporate, military, or government discount code

State, county, and city governments often have discounted agreements with Enterprise, as do many corporations and small businesses. Benefit and travel administrators are usually the best people to ask about car rental discounts, at least at large organizations.

Can you negotiate Hertz no haggle price? ›

We do not negotiate on pricing. All our cars are marked with a no-haggle price that is often below market value.

Are rental cars still hard to come by? ›

And now, more than two years later, with leisure travel reaching near pre-pandemic levels and business travel picking up, rental car companies are still struggling to fill their fleets. “It continues to be tough out there and it's going to continue to be tough for a while,” Scott said.

Do rental cars have backup cameras? ›

Rental cars typically do not have hidden cameras in them, as that would violate multiple federal laws. However, depending on what type and model of the vehicle you are buying, you can have backup and rearview cameras as part of a safety package. These cameras are there for safety reasons.

Is car rental cheaper online? ›

Here's the Short Answer to Whether It's Cheaper to Rent a Car Online Or in Person? Our research showed that rental companies offer the best rates online. In addition, renters are more likely to get discounts and special offers when they order in advance online.

Is it cheaper to prepay for a rental car? ›

Some rental car websites will ask you to pay now or pay later and sometimes – the difference in rate can be a thing. In most cases, you'll find that prepayment cost will be around 5-15% lower than your standard reservations.

Is there an app like Airbnb but for cars? ›

What it is: Turo is basically the Airbnb for cars, where you rent out a car — booked online or through the Turo app — from the car's owner. You usually pick up the car at a pickup location, which could be the owner's house, or a public area like a park or shopping center.

Is there another app like Turo? ›

Three popular services that work similarly to Turo include Getaround, Lyft Rentals, and Uber Rent. You'll find specific details about these three car sharing service options below.

Whats cheaper getaround or Zipcar? ›

People usually prefer Getaround (previously known as City CarShare) over Zipcar. Getaround offers the best value for money; however, Zipcar includes gas; therefore, some are inclined to choose them instead. However, at times the gas incentive is not enough to entice potential customers.

Does Turo drop the car to you? ›

Find your car, confirm your delivery location, and book your trip. Cancel for free up to 24 hours before your trip starts. Your host will deliver the car right to you! Check in with the app, grab the keys, and hit the road!

What is better than Zipcar? ›

Turo is the best Zipcar alternative. It's widely available and easy to use. While you won't have the convenience of a card to unlock vehicles, you're only paying for the rental time — no membership required. That makes it the best option overall.

Who is Turo biggest competitor? ›

Related posts:
  • Getaround. Year founded: 2009. Headquarter: San Francisco, California. ...
  • Zipcar. Year founded: 2000. ...
  • Uber Rentals. Year founded: 2014. ...
  • Hertz Corporation. Year founded: 1918. ...
  • Enterprise Holdings. Year founded: 1969. ...
  • Lyft Rentals. Year founded: 2012. ...
  • GIG Car Share. Year founded: 2017. ...
  • eGo CarShare. Year founded: 1997.

What problem does Turo solve? ›

Usually, a customer looking to book a car for a few days will default to a rental car company. But car rental companies offer a limited selection of models, most of the time with confusing pricing and add-ons, no confirmation of the specific car to be delivered, and limited pick-up locations. Turo solves this problem.

Is Getaround cheaper than Turo? ›

Between Getaround and Turo, which is cheaper? In terms of the actual rental cost, the two companies are virtually identical. Car owners set the rental price that they want to charge, so prices can vary widely. The price also varies based on the rental period (whether you choose hourly, daily, or weekly car rental).

What day is the best day to rent a car? ›

Weekends are the best days to rent a car because most people do not need them on the weekend. Weekend rentals are a great way to take a day trip somewhere if someone doesn't want to rack up miles on their own vehicles. Most car rental places will offer price points that include unlimited mileage.

What is the best time of day to rent a car? ›

The best time of the day to rent a car online is early mornings, like really early. That way, you can take all the time you need before deciding on a car and price point within your budget. You also get to take advantage of the early discount offers, if any, on the websites before they are exhausted.

How can I lower the cost of renting a car? ›

The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car: 10 Tips
  1. Skip the airport. Renting at the airport is convenient when you're flying into a new city. ...
  2. Shop around online. ...
  3. Turn to discount brands. ...
  4. Leverage memberships. ...
  5. Opt for economy cars. ...
  6. Stick to one driver. ...
  7. Use your own insurance. ...
  8. Forgo the extras.
1 Feb 2022

What can I do instead of a rental car? ›

10 Alternatives to Car Rentals
  • Ride-hailing. Depending on how much you need to drive around once you arrive at your destination, you may consider using a service like Uber or Lyft instead of renting a car. ...
  • Borrow a Friend's or Family Member's Car. ...
  • Rent an RV. ...
  • Public Transportation. ...
  • Zipcar. ...
  • Turo. ...
  • Avail. ...
  • Getaround.
14 Nov 2021

Is Turo car rental trustworthy? ›

Turo is, so far, one of the main alternatives to traditional car rental companies. It has an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the BBB. In addition, Turo has a Trustpilot score of four out of five stars. Turo can be trusted by owners and renters.


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